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The Reject Shop POS Software

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Patrick Lane

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of The Reject Shop POS Software

This presentation will report on the workings of the POS Software information system currently used by the Reject Shop.
The Reject Shop POS Software
Scan barcode of product
type in TRS code of product
Apply staff discount
Change price of product
Process refunds and exchanges
Process cash sale
Process EFTPOS sale
search product name
void unwanted item
Suspend and resume transactions
The system is navigated entirely using the "F" keys on the keyboard.
The main way that system is used is by scanning the barcodes of products with the scanner and then processing a sale.

The most evident use of the POS system is by the register operators who process sales.
It is also used in the back office via the web portal by the management team
The POS Software is connected to a LAN which connects all the registers and the back office computer. From there it is connected to the internet.
The data used in the system is sourced from the main Reject Shop database which contains all the barcodes, TRS codes and other data. When a code or bacode is inputted, the computer searched the main database for a match. If there is no match, an error is displayed.
The most obvious participant is the store team member who uses the information system at the registers. Each team member has a user number and password (which has to be changed each week) with which to login to the system, There are two levels of access within the Information System. team Members and Supevisors.
Participants - Store team Member
The users of the system are customers who purchase items from the Reject Shop. They interact with the output from the system (total price) and are given a docket at the end of a sale.
The Reject Shop POS software is the software installed on the register computers which allows operators to process cash and EFTPOS sales.
The system was developed by Surefire POS and runs of Windows XP Embedded Edition.
The Purpose of the System
The Reject Shop POS System is used across the Reject Shop business for a variety of reasons.
There are a variety of users and participants involved in
The System Environment
Participants and Users
In Store
Data Sources and Destinations
How it is used
The Reject Shop POS software relies on a variety of information technology solution to function.
Information Technology
The Reject Shop POS software relies on data and information. The data involved in the system is accessed from the central database.
Data and Information
The way that the Reject Shop has done business has been revolutionized by the introduction of information technology.
Changes in Information Technology
The introduction of the Reject Shop POS system has made the lives of everyone involved in the system easier.
How has the Information System affected Peoples' lives
The Managment team at a store and region level all have a username and password for the POS system that they can use. From the Back Office computer which is connected to the POS network via the web portal, they can view department summaries, see which lines are selling and which are not, change price of a product,
Participants - Store/Region Managers
Ordinary team members can process sales and change prices but refunds/exchanges and transaction voids must be performed by a supervisor. They must authorize them with their username and password.
Participants - Team Members/Supervisors
There are two types of data that the POS system accepts as an input.
The TRS Code - a unique 8 Digit number that is given to each product
Barcode - A unique barcode is placed on each product

Each product has at least one of the two types and either can be entered into the system
TRS Code: 2203 5028

Product Name: Tape Correction 3pck
Product Price: $2
GST: 15c

Once data is entered into the system, it is analysed by the POS software and converted into information. This is displayed on the monitor and a hard copy is produced in the form of a docket. The information used in this information system includes:
Item name - the name of the product
Price - the price of the item
GST - the amount of GST associated with the product
Product department - which section of the store the product came from
The Reject Shop Web Portal is a website that can is accessed with a staff member's POS Software username and password. Managers can use it to view store and department summaries, view messages and tasks and change prices of products across the store.
Reject Shop Web Portal
The Back Office Computer runs Windows XP and can communicate to the POS System via the Reject Shop Web Portal. The Back Office computer is used by the managment team to print tickets and signs and to access the internet.
Back Office
There are several information technology components that make up the four registers. These include:
Computer Box
Windows XP Embedded edition - this is the operating system that the POS software runs on. It is a custom edition of Windows XP that can be modified by the buyer to remove unnecasary programs and utilities
POS Software - The actual software that is the information system. It is a full screen program that opens on startup and cannot be closed
Scanner - Hardware item that uses a laser to scan for a barcode and input it to the information system
Keyboard - The "F" buttons on the top of the keyboard are used to navigate the POS software
Docket printer - After the completion of each sale the printer prints a docket.
The EFTPOS terminal - used to process an EFTPOS sale
With the introduction of the Information System, the way that the Reject Shop does business has changed dramatically.
Register operators simply have to scan each item into the system instead of typing the prices in manually.
Register operators been made more accountable for their actions.
Variances in the till can be traced back to an individual operator identified by their username.
Refunds are made more easily trackable because they are recorded in the system with the operator who requested the refund and the supervisor who carried out the refund

Preliminary stocktakes can be easily viewed with the Reject Shop Web Portal.
New orders can also be completed in the web portal.
Before the System
Before the introduction of the POS System, register operators had to manually type in the price of each item into the cash register.
Refunds/exchanges were not processed in a system and were done differently at each store
In order to conduct a stocktake, people had to walk around the store with a paper and pen writing down the products and quantity
In order to order in new stock, a order form had to be faxed to the Distribution Center.
The introduction of the POS Software has made processing sales much more efficient as you only have to scan each item.
A cash sale can be completed in as little as two keyboard presses.
Managers can easily view store summaries in the web portal.
The Main POS Screen
The Process Payment Screen
The Computer
at Register 1
Diagram showing Reject Shop Network
Context Diagram
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