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Dealing With Cyberharassment

No description

Comia Eveteau

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Dealing With Cyberharassment

Report any inappropriate
comments to an officer,
an adult, a teacher, a friend
or a parent. Dealing With Cyberharassment If you are being cyberharassed, you should... You could also go on the internet and get help from specialists and or websites. If you see anything like, you suck, nobody likes you, dont even bother coming to school or even silly things like you smell, your face looks like someone puked on it, it must be reported to someone. Thank You There is a five step approach to dealing with being cyberharrased. Step 1: Save every message, because there will come a time when the person will have to be reported. Step 2: Never participate. If you receive a "bully" message, never get more involved than you need to. Step 3: Identify the person doing it. First, write down the email or screenname you've received this from. Check your inbox- have you ever received ANYTHING from this person before? This may clue you in. Step 4: Approach them in person. Talking to them about it upfront, might even scare them away. If this person seems not to be intimidated, or issues more violent or humiliating threats, contact an adult to intervene. Step 5: If case is severe, press charges. After letting a parent into the situation, allow them to contact the bully's parents (if the school has not already done this). If you've suffered severely from this, or experienced humiliation or violent threats/acts, this girl/boy can be suspended, expelled, or even arrested depending on how severe they have acted towards you.
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