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Oak Brook - Videolicious

Alicia Eisenbise - Social Media Specialist

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Oak Brook - Videolicious

The Dish on
Interactive & engaging
you should use video
Focus on
a feature
Showcase your personality
Be seen & heard as an expert
Tips - Creating a Video - Promote
Search Engine Optimization
#1 Set up the shot
for great camera phone video
#4 Composition
#5 Stay Close
#3 Find the light
#2 Stabilize
Record horizontally instead of vertically.
Use a tripod or stable device.
OR hold arms close to sides.
Avoid dark rooms, direct sunlight, and windows directly behind your subject.
Use the Rule of thirds for a more dynamic shot!
On camera audio is not great – so stay close to the subjects to enhance sound.
Add to your listings
Scroll down in media you can add a YouTube link
Add to your profile
In the text area you can embed code
Alicia Eisenbise
Social Media Specialist
ph: 847-313-6764
#6 Introduce yourself
Say hello. Tell everyone your name, company name, property address, phone number or website!!!!!
Social media
Share - Share - Share
Videolicious Tips & Tricks

Do not use low resolution pictures!!!
If you aren't comfortable - write a script/use music only
Smile before you start and when you finish
Show your face, voiceover or not - it's up to you!
How can you use Videolicious?
Go to CBWorks &
search Videolicious
instructions available:
* Video attracts 2-3x as many monthly visitors
* Video doubles time on site,
* Video increases organic traffic 157%
Video Facebook ads
Property tours
Neighborhood tours
Get the listing
About yourself
Market updates
TIps for buyers/sellers
Staging tips
Promote an event
Use on a landing page for an ad

Source: Marketing Sherpa
intouch website
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