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The best job in the world - an island caretaker

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Karolina K.

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of The best job in the world - an island caretaker

Interview with Ben Southall - the winner of
The Best Job in The World competition
Do you miss "the best job in the world"?

The Best Job in the World was simply amazing.
It was the perfect opportunity to travel, write and
film it and explore another part of the world that
I'd never been to before. It was also one of the busiest
jobs that I've ever done with 6am starts and 11pm
finishes most days of the week for six months.
In some ways I miss it but I also feel that I've
used it as a springboard to push me towards my
other goals in life.
When you decided to
take part in this
competition, did you think
that you'd actually win?
Absolutely not. It was something I'd entered for a bit
of fun and then totally forgot all about it. Only when
I got to the final day of the three day event on
Hamilton Island when there were sixteen other people
left did I think I stood a chance of winning the entire thing.
What are the advantages
and disadvantages of being
an island caretaker?
The advantages of being the Island Caretaker were many, the doors it opened for me in life were many, too as I now present television shows, work for myself and have the chance to travel extensively with my job… It was during my time there that I also met my wife Sophee so it really did give me the perfect prize! Disadvantages -maybe as I now live on the other side of the world from my family that could be one of the negatives but it also gives them the chance to come and see me, too!
Is it a thing you
would recommend to
other people?
Of course -anything that
allows people to have
a dream and follow it
is a good thing. Whatever
that may be in life just
keep it as your focus
and it'll happen.
You had an accident during
working in "the best job".
If you knew it would happen,
would you still apply for the job?
I did indeed - yes a tiny jellyfish that stung
me and put me in hospital overnight. Yes,
I would apply - one bad night for what is
now three and a half years of good times?
Of course.
Do you think that this
profession will develop
and more islands will
search for their
Its an idea thats been tried before
and failed with lots of different people
around the world but none had the impact
of the initial campaign by Tourism Queensland.
In the future who knows what will happen!
A good advert is
the key to success!
up to 100.000$ per 6 months of work (Queensland Tourism)
fulfilling all of the duties
a huge responsibility
a wide range of actual jobs one needs to do
depends on an island
most commonly it is a villa or a luxurious beach house
a lot of conveniences
no need to pay for the accommodation
depends on the island one is taking care of
usually a contract occures a longer term, e.g. half a year of working there
no resigning without taking the costs of it
take part in the competition (Queensland Tourism)
apply for the job (CV, etc.) by expressing your interest in the profession (private owners of the islands)
The advantages of being an island caretaker
an extraordinary and unconventional job,
living on a private island (free accommodation),
an easy and cheap way to travel,
new interesting places, beautiful views, exotic animals,
an amazing way to find out something new about nature which is untouched by a human being, for example: coral reefs,
The disadvantages of being an island caretaker
Why someone would like to work as an island caretaker?
fantastic adventures which mean memories out of this world,
an opportunity to gain many new skills,
a lot of free time for one's hobbies and just relaxing in a beautiful, peaceful and silent place
living far away from your family and friends
some risks for example dangerous animals,
What are the possible risks of the job?
This definition comes
from words:
This name defines a person
who takes care of
the specific island of the profession
Duties of an island caretaker:
The island caretaker looks after an island when the owners aren’t there in exchange for rent-free living accommodations with the possibility of earning money as well.
He takes care
of the landlord’s house,his field, animals and plants.
Qualifications you would need to be
a private island caretaker:
•General carpentry and construction
•Basic plumbing
•Basic mechanical skills
•Excellent problem solving skills
•Excellent time management skills
•Ability to work well independently.
•Ability to do with limited resources.
•Having a hobby is beneficial while being the large amount of free time.
•Gardening skills.
•Enjoy working outdoors.
•Willing to work flexible hours.
•Willing to live on a small stipend
•First aid skills and good health.
•Also note that most will require a criminal background check
The advantages and disadvantages of this job
The advantages of this job:
- an independent lifestyle
- unconventional and inexpensive
ways to travel
- the possibility of seeing marine animals
and seals
- a fantastic way to experience life led
by the locals
- looking after the island resort properties
during the low season and enjoying the
opportunity to use them
The disadvantages of this job:
- usually there is just one person on
the island
-the person must prepare the food oneself
-there isn’t anyone to turn to for help
What does “island caretaker”
What do people associate the Island Caretaker's job with?
good salary
tropical island
sun, sea and sand
independent lifestyle
What does this work involve?
loneliness- you are all alone on a large island
responsibilities- you have to take care of the island carefully
dangers- it's a tropical island so there are also some dangerous creatures
What do true Island Caretakers say about this job??
“The job has allowed me to have adventures and keep exploring, write about it and learn new skills like filming, editing, presenting, public speaking and TV work”
Ben Southall
“It’s just a great life (…) and one that comes with very few drawbacks. I keep my own company well and if I get lonely, I’ve got plenty of friends to be found at a small bar within an hour or so away. Sun, sand and the Caribbean Sea – nothing beats it.”
James Ralstone*
“I love the island, but I’m not here to enjoy myself – my job is to make sure that the island is ship-shape when the owners arrive for their holidays, make any necessary repairs to the home and boats, and clean up after stormy weather.”
James Ralstone*
“It should have been called the busiest job in the world”.
Ben Southall
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