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Israel Social TV

No description

Jeremy Elster

on 22 July 2014

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Transcript of Israel Social TV

Headstart Campaign, December 2013
What do you mean "Independent"?
Video Introduction to our work:
Free Issue
Thursday, June 5th, 2014
Social Order Edition
Israel Social TV
Funding, Ownership, Voice
The Nation's Army, 6/3/2013
Video Item: Omar Saad
Who is Israel Social TV?
Homepage, 7/5/2014
Israel Social TV Website
Rampant Agriculture, 3/12/2014
Channel System & Video Item
Weekly Magazine, Watchdog, Studio, etc
Products and Process
Israel Social TV sees itself as a social change organization that uses the tools of independent media to advance a social agenda that focuses on equality and human rights in Israel.
Social Change Through Media
Website, Youtube, Facebook, +972mag...
Distribution and Partnerships
"Microphone for Democracy" is an initiative of Israel Social TV that provides a platform for local activists to broadcast their work and issue to reach broader audiences
Video Reports on Omar Saad:

The Nation's Army

Demonstration in C Major

Saad in Prison 6
Brief Background
Israel Social TV (ISTV) is a leading alternative TV news organization in Israel.
Established in 2006 as a non-profit, independent, online news NGO.
ISTV is a social change organization whose 'tactic' is media
Our vision is to bring about radical change and conversation, not just in Israeli society but also in the Israeli media.
ISTV produces regularly updated news coverage, weekly magazines, and investigative reports on pressing (and often controversial) social, cultural, economic, human rights and political issues that shape public awareness.
-No State Funding
-No "Advertisements"
-No crony capitalist influences
-Yes to providing
"non journalistic" services to social change organizations (promotional videos, etc)
Our estimated reach is 50-75,000 viewers every month:
Bi-weekly broadcast on Israel’s Community Channel 98 and Hala TV;
ISTV’s website (2000+ daily visits)
25,000 Likes on Facebook
Hebrew language mailing list that includes over 22,000 educators, mainstream journalists, change agents, and decision makers.
English Language mailing list
"B'Guf Rishon", or "In the First Person" is a new program that involves interviewing people on the street about a recent event or subject that is relevant in the news.
-Filming the Social Order Weekly Magazine in our studio/office space. We film once per week.
-Media Watchdog Items
-Written Articles
-Full conferences, other
Civil Society Engagement
Joint NGO Cooperation
Relevant, Interesting Items
Independent Journalism
Raising Minority Voices
Media Watchdog
Broadening our Audience
Process of Creating a Video Report from Concept to Completion:

1. Setting up and thinking of an idea
2. Meet with Ehud to confirm the idea, decide what level of coverage
3. Find suitable interviewees
4. Prepare the script for filming (timing, speech, narration, sinks)
5. Go out and film visuals and interviews
6. Match the video that you film with the script that you created
7. Confirm this new script with Ehud
8. Voice over editing (Narration) and Rough Cut of video
9. Approval of Ehud
10. Finish editing
11. Written blurb, subtitles, and transcript
12. Edit writing and final approval
13. Upload to Youtube, Website, Facebook, other distribution sources
Full transcript