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slaves in Ancient Egypt

No description

kristen anderson

on 23 October 2016

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Transcript of slaves in Ancient Egypt

Slaves in Ancient Egypt
Slaves Lives in Ancient Egypt
At the bottom of the social pyramid in Ancient Egypt were the slaves. The life of slaves was full of work and labor.
Where Slaves Came From
The Slaves came from the following list.
Who the Slaves Worked For
Slaves usually worked for pharaohs, royal families, and nobles. They normally worked in these peoples homes, on the fields, or on projects for the pharaoh.
The Life Slaves Led
Due to the fact slaves were at the bottom of the social pyramid, they led lives of hard work and hardly had time for relaxation. Slaves did most of the work in Ancient Egypt.
By Kristen Anderson
Children of poor families
Captives from war
The Treatment of Slaves
Treated kindly due to fear of heavy heart
Couldn't regain freedom
Beaten when did something wrong
Executed for pharaoh in afterlife
The Technology They Used
Papyrus for paper
Stone for monuments
Ramps for pyramid
Equivalency to a Role in Today's
The slaves in Ancient Egypt are equivalent to a farmer or a factory worker in today's society.
Ancient Egypt's Technology Compared to Today's Technology
Now days people make paper out of wood pulp instead of using papyrus. They mainly used stone for building, now we have stone, glass, wood, and much more.
Works Cited Page
Frey, Wendy, John Bergez, and Amy Joseph. "9.7 Peasants." History Alive!: The Ancient World. Palo Alto, CA: Teachers' Curriculum Institute, 2004. N. pag. Print
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