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Ancient Egyptian Tomb Raiders

No description

Donna Murphy

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Egyptian Tomb Raiders

Tomb raiders
Ancient Egyptian Tomb Raiders
Who raided the tombs?
Why did they raid the tombs?
What strategies were put into place to stop the tomb raiders?
What was the punishment for tomb raiding?
Who Raided the Tombs?
The people who raided tombs were as follows
The people who built the tombs for the king
Shop owners
Regular thieves
Strategies to Stop the Raiding
Powdered Poison
Wires for Decapitation
Stone Plugs
False Bottoms leading to Pits
Sand to Cover Tombs for Disguise


Tools They Used
They used pickaxes so they could break the tomb walls and they also used torches so they could see what they were stealing
Death by impalement. When the tomb raiders were caught they were impaled on wooden spikes
Why Did They Raid the Tombs?
To sell what they stole to make money
Immortality: They would steal a body, grind it to powder and add it to liquid and drink it
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