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This presentation is designed with the express purpose of informing educators about Padlet.com. What is it? How can I use it in my classroom?

Heather Hoskinson

on 4 April 2015

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Transcript of Padlet

What is it?
Who uses it?
Why should I use it?
Padlet is a Web-based bulletin board.
Think of it as a virtual announcement
board that you put above your desk or post
outside your classroom.
Let's take a look at demo wall
before discussing Padlet in more detail.
One of Padlet's greatest assets is its ease of use. It does NOT require user registration to write on someone's wall (only to create your own wall).
Images, music, video, and pages can all be inserted into a post.
When you create
your own wall...
You can create a wall just for personal use or you may create a wall that others can use. In this case, a link is created for you that you may send to others.
As the creator, you have the option of just allowing others to view, or allowing
them to edit as well.
Also, the wall can be set
to private, so that just you (and the participants) can see. Or it can be set to public, for others on the Web to see.
Anyone that needs to post ideas in one space and likes the accessibility of having it online (and paperless). Padlet has a lot of functionality:
event planning
project collaboration
sharing resources
community space to communicate
Padlet is an especially excellent resource for teachers. We are short on time and heavy on ideas after all!
Teacher to teacher:
collaborate with colleagues on projects, learning units, and lessons plans
share documents, broken down into subjects and with commentary
Teacher to student:
student feedback
gathering of new learning resources, compiled by the students
student communication, collaboration, and interaction
What an excellent way to start class (*), by posting a
Padlet and giving students five minutes to respond.
Or sending Padlet link as a homework assignment, to
follow up with the day's lesson!
(*) Obviously this would be difficult unless your students have easy access to computers within the classroom.
Let's take a look at a Padlet...
about Padlet. And more specifically, how it is used within an educational setting.
In order to create your own wall, you need
to register with the site (FREE). Once you have
completed this step, it takes about two minutes
to create a wall. Just give it a title, choose a
background and icon, and you are ready to go!
You just click on the "wall" to start writing a post, and can drag and drop to move it around.
And people that really like sharing their ideas with others for the purpose of collaboration!
What it is, how you can use it, and why you should!
How does it work?
It is a way to keep track of ideas,
share thoughts, post resources,
and collaborate.
It is an excellent tool for creating
an interactive learning community.
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