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as you can see the living room is astounding

No description

Howard Battersby

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of as you can see the living room is astounding

The smart homes of the future
BY:Shannon Barnett

As you can see the living room is astounding the tv is voice activated and you can flick through channels with just your finger
You should buy a smart home because it is officiant and hard to break into. The people in south curia have tried these marvelous pieces of work out and said it is very good someone tried to break into our home but the face recognition and the pass code was wrong so the alarm went off and alerted the local police said one curian person we spoke to
In the center of the house there is a super giant iPad table which you can plug you phone into it and see your messages and listen to music whilst the walls change to the mood of the music
Phase 4
The bedrooms walls change colour to the mood of the music and you can also get moving pictures as well
Phase 3
The kitchen is scan activated, your fridge can tell you what's in it and when to through it out. The surface tells you suggestions on what to cook as well.
Phase 2
the view
the view is amazing and it has the natural surroundings the wilderness or even the beach
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