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Intro to psych anth


Cameron Hay

on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Intro to psych anth

Write down one New Year's Resolution that you have for yourself.
I will be more organized.
Why?...because I'll be more efficient if I'm better organized..
Now, why is that a good reason?
Because ...
1. It is a strong, widespread cultural value that time is valuable and individuals must use it wisely. This is a cultural value that I have thoroughly internalized. Not only do I know that being organized and efficient makes me more productive (another major cultural value, thoroughly internalized and regularly reinforced by society through my employer, my peers, and my students), I feel good when I can check things off my to-do list and I can check off more things if I am more efficient with my time.
Why is that your new year's resolution?
Because being efficient with my time is good.
Take a couple of minutes and write out a few sentences, explaining why this goal is good.
If you find all of this disorienting...
...it is because it is, literally and figuratively.
So perhaps we should step back and ask, what is psychological anthropology?
Or what have I gotten myself into?
Anthropology is the study of humanity, in all its diversity and processes and in each individual's possibilities and imaginings.
Psychological anthropology highlights the processes within individuals and between individuals and societies
...and we'll be engaging with the key questions in the field that scholars are struggling with now.
So how are we going to do all of this?
Psychological anthropology focuses on the processes within individuals and the relationships of the individual within a sociocultural milieu. It shares significant overlap with cultural psychology and transcultural psychiatry.
How do you relate to others?
How do you make sense?
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