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Copy of Court System

No description

Anthony Tyrkala

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Court System

A civil case deals with legal issues between citizens. Civil cases involve things such as contracts or compensation (payment) issues. Civil Cases can be heard all the way up to the Supreme Court level.
A criminal case is when a person is accused of a crime. Criminal Cases result in penalties such as community service, jail time, and sometimes death. Criminal Cases can be heard all the way up to the Supreme Court level.
Courts Explained
Courts Explained
The courts are where justice is administered. It is where people argue, and decide your fate based on something you may or may not have done.
Florida Court System
There are five districts in the district Court of Appeals. There is a three judge panel that reviews cases.
District Court of Appeals
Trial Courts: County
Florida Supreme Court
There are twenty Circuit Courts in Florida, one for each district created by Florida Law. They are referred to as Courts of General Jurisdiction and most civil and criminal cases originate at this level.
Trial Courts: Circuit
Regions of District Court of Appeals
Florida Courts
What is the difference between a civil and a criminal case?
Seven justices: One Chief Justice, and six associated justices.

All justices are appointed by the Governor of Florida

Must review all death penalty cases, and cases ruling a Florida Government action against the State Constitution.
Justices of the Florida Supreme Court
Florida has 67 counties and 1 county court in each county.

The number of judges depends on the population in that county.

Miami-Dade County Court Building
Circuit Courts in Florida
This is a video explaining the fourteenth amendment
County Court
Circuit Court
District Court of Appeals
Florida Supreme Court
The Judge controls everything that happens in the courtroom. He or She makes sure that everyone plays by the rules of the court, and makes the final decision in criminal and civil cases.
An Attorney's job is to represent the person that is on trial. It is their job to talk to the jury and the judge about the case and make sure that their client is treated fairly.
The jury is a group of citizens who are chosen to make a decision about a court case. Jury members are chosen at random and it is everyone's duty to stand on a jury if called.
A prosecutor is someone who investigates the crimes and presents it to the judge on behalf of the government.
This is the process of a trial through the Florida court systems
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