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Shaun Tan - The Arrival

No description

Anne F

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Shaun Tan - The Arrival

a graphic novel by ARRIVAL The SHAUN TAN Outline One-term activity (activation)
Talk show (pre-reading task)
Two-word poem (pre-reading task)
Theoretical framework
Teaching "The Arrival"
Feedback Talk Show Two-Word Poem Objective Transcultural Competence:

"Unterschiedliche kulturelle Perspektiven wahrnehmen,
sie respektieren und davon lernen" Thanks for your attention Questions? Feedback? Write two words in each line

The poem may be as long or short as you wish View the images and get familiar with the characters

Assume the role of the man, the creature, the host or the audience Transcultural Encounters (Kerncurriculum für Hessen) Objectives Encounters with other cultures & lifestyles
Open mindedness
Self-awareness "Eine selbstbewußte, offene und wertschätzende Haltung gegenüber anderen Kulturen zeigt sich im Denken, Fühlen und Handeln." (Kerncurriculum für Hessen) Objectives Multimodal approach Teaching "The Arrival" Book in a Box Teaching "The Arrival" Price: 13,95 €
The novel lends itself for using separate images/ chapters
Sample available online at State Library of Queensland
Suitability: from year 5 http://enc.slq.qld.gov.au/vbook/slq/arrival/index.htm Telephone game (while-reading)
Letter writing, diary entries, reading log, interiour monologues (while-reading)
Drama teaching methods (while- and post-reading)
Book in a box (while- and post-reading)
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