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The Odyssey

No description

Dylan Morgan

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of The Odyssey

Throughout the Odyssey,
Odysseus and his men face many temptations
The Odyssey
Dylan Morgan
Dan Barrera
Aaron Clarke-Martin
Jameece Robinson

They specifically face the temptations of:
and greed
They specifically face the temptations of:
Temptation of irresponsibility-
Odysseus faced the temptation of acting violently . As Odysseus's journey progressed, he was forced to either defend himself in order to get away. For example on Cyclopes island, Odysseus was forced to defend his members of his crew ship and also himself.
The Temptation of Sex
The Temptation of Greed
Odysseus' men face the temptation of greed frequently and frequently give in to it.
This is among the many factors that delay Odysseus' return home.
Temptation of Irresponsibility-
When Odysseus and his men arrived
on the Island of the Cyclopes, the did not have to got out and explore but their curiosity got the best of them

Odysseus could not resist the temptation of bragging to Polyphemus of their escape from the Island of the Cyclopes and in turn he was made to wander for ten years

Odysseus' men decided to try the lotus flowers making them stay on the Island

The Temptation of Violence

In the Odyssey,Odysseus faced many levels of temptation one of which was The Temptation of Violence.
Throughout Odysseus's journey which he was on for about 20 years, Odysseus was faced with having to defend himself and his crew members.
One event he was faced with was on the island of Cyclops . Odysseus and his crew were nearly trapped in the cave with the cyclopes, the only way out of the trap was to defeat the cyclopes by taking the vision from him.
Odysseus is not always a violent person, only when his well being is truly threaten.
Odysseus and his men pillage the city of Cicones.
Odysseus tells them to get back to sea and flee, but his men decide to stay and continue pillaging. Eventually the warriors fight back and slay some of Odysseus's men.
" I told them:'Back, and quickly! Out to sea again!' My men were mutinous, fools, on stores of wine. Sheep after sheep the butchered by the surf, and shambling cattle, feasting,.... They came with dawn over that terrain like the leaves and blades of spring. So doom appeared to us, dark word of Zeus for us, out evil days... Six benches were left empty in every ship."
Odysseus is given a bag of winds by King Aiolos. His men believe that it contains gold. They open the bag when they are nearly on the shoreline of Ithaka. This blows them all the way back to Aiolia.
"But while I slept, the crew began to parley: silver and gold they guessed, were in that bag bestowed on me by Aiolos' great hear... then every wind roared into hurricane; the ships went pitching west with many cries; our land was lost."
"Ah how shameless - the way these mortals blame the gods. From us alone they say come all their miseries yes but they themselves with their own reckless ways compound their pains beyond their proper share."
"Those who ate the honeyed
plant never cared to report nor
return, they longed to stay forever
browsing on that native bloom"
Odysseus and his men faced many temptations in their voyage. Odysseus' pride kills every single one of his men except for him. The temptation of Greed is what sets the men very far back and kills many men. The temptation of sex delays their voyage by at least a year. The temptation of violence kills many of them. The temptation of irresponsibility is omnipresent throughout the entire story and significantly delays their return home.
Women Symbolize Sex
"Put up your weapon in the sheath. We two shall mingle and make love upon our bed. So mutual trust may come of play and love."
- As Odysseus attempts to rescue his crew from Circe by resisting all her tricks and magic. She tries to tempt him into having sex with her instead of trying to save his crew. Odyssus gives in, but with a condition
"Can I be less desirable than she is? Less interesting? Less beautiful? Can mortals compare with goddesses in grace and form?"
- Calypso immediately falls in love with Odysseus when he washes ashore her island and she begins to try to seduce him. She hears how Odysseus has a wife that he loves very much, This quote shows how she started to make Odysseus curious as to whether or not she was better, eventually leading to Odysseus actually giving in to the temptation.
"Sweet coupled airs we sing/No lonely seafarer... Pleased by each purling note/Like honey twining"
- The Sirens are the ultimate seductresses in the Odyssey. They sing of the temptations of wisdom and sex. In the quote "coupled airs" are the seafarer and the siren being together. Later they say"no lonely seafarer" meaning they will never be alone and be accompanied for sex. "Purling noise" being the sounds of sex.
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