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Facebook Developers API

No description

Avesta B

on 12 November 2016

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Transcript of Facebook Developers API

Primary Way to data in & out from Facebook

Its a Jason API

Using Graph API explorer


all need to do is to logged in to your fb

Facebook Developers- Graph API
Facebook at a Glance
Facebook Developers API
Prof. Manar Mohaisen
Presentar: Avesta & Raad

Date : 14th Nov 2016
What is Facebook
1.79 billion++ monthly Active users

16 % increase year over year

1.03 billion Daily Mobile Active Users

5 new profiles are created per second

300 million photos are uploaded per day

510 CMs, 293,000 statuses per min

Average 20 min per day

50% young-adults check facebook when they wake up
Social networking site ---> Connect and share with your family and friends online

Created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg

Can use a single Facebook account to sign in to different services across the Web

send messages, post status updates, photos and links

Every object in the social graph has a unique ID.
All objects in Facebook can be accessed in the same way

All of the objects in the Facebook social graph are connected to each other via relationships (e.g. friends, photos, permissions, etc).
Facebook represents its data in Graph
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