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My Encounters Trip

On Febuary 27- March 2 I went to Ottawa for a trip to Encounters with Canada. For more info. go to https://www.ewc-rdc.ca/en/home.html;jsessionid=18680744C1C7551935818461DF404F74.tomcat2

Kirsten Skanderup

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of My Encounters Trip

My Encounters Trip
By Kirsten
On Sunday morning when I woke up I had to make sure I had everything I needed. My plane was leaving at 6 so my family came with me before I left. By the time I got off the plane and got my bag and got to The Terry Fox Youth Centre, it was 1:30am. I ended up only having 4 hours of sleep.
I hadn't realized I was going to be staying in a dorm with 30 other girls. The 1st speaker that we had came in and told us that every Canadian could change Canada if they did their very best everyday. He also told us that Canadians all had 4 qualities. 1.Integrity 2.Determination 3.Pride 4.Teamwork. After lunch we went to the parliament building. We got to go to the viewing gallery of the House of Commons while it was in session. All the people sounded like little kids bickering at each other. For the evening activity I went bowling with a bunch of friends.
In the morning we got to go downtown and we had a tour guide that told us about many buildings. The Fairmont Chateau Laurier hotel in Ottawa is somewhat haunted by Bradford Gilbert. Gilbert designed the hotel and was going to have a grand opening with lots of ceremonies. Unfortunately many of these ceremonies were canceled because on his way back from America, the Titanic sank, taking him with it. Gilbert's wife and daughter did make it back to Ottawa to fulfill his dream of seeing the hotel open. A motivational speaker named, Robert Frost, came in to talk to us about how we should live out our passions. Ottawa became the capital because of the Rideau Canal because it was the easier to transport goods.
I got to go to the agriculture museum and learned about Genetics and Reproduction. They had lots of Holstein cows as well as Jersey's and even had a Canadien cow. There were also pig and piglets. In one barn they had sheep and goats. After the tour they told us how they grade each cow so they can have a better calf after it. Once we got back to the centre we had a speaker named, Glen Cambell, who works with a space agency. He showed us videos of people in zero gravity, training to become astronauts. Another speaker came in. His name is Dr. Richard Herd and he is a geologist. He talked to us about rocks and minerals and how they make up the Earth. A veteran came and told us about his life and what he's had to face in his lifetime. We went to the cemetery shortly after and participated in the National Remembrance Ceremony. Everyone put a candle on a gravestone in remembrance of the soldiers who have died to save others.
Thank You
On Thursday I attended 2 workshops. The first was about Climate Control. We learned about how weather has changed over the years and how it continues to change. Geologist take soil samples to see what the ground was like back when that layer was on the top layer. The second workshop was The Human Body. We were taught about the different systems and what some of them do in your body. After lunch we went to the Science and Technology museum. The Trans Canada Highway took 22 years make. It started in 1949 and finished in 1971. The first Honda made in Canada was made in Alliston, Ontario, 1986. The Volkswagen Beetle is believed to be the most canadian car because it was designed by canadians. For the evening activity I went to the IMAX theatre and watched a video about coral reefs and one about a space station.
Science and Technology
By the time I woke up Saturday morning, half the people had already left to go home. All the people that were awake looked liked they needed more sleep. Most people were up till about either 4 or 6 in the morning. People were leaving almost every hour. Lots of the people had brought their homework with them so most of them were doing that. My bus left at 2pm for the airport. I ended up sitting there for another 4 to 5 hours waiting to go home. I was glad to be home to see my family again.
Everyone was excited for Friday morning. We all got to go to the Byward Market to go shopping. Some people went back to the parliament building just to see it again. We did a dance walk back to the bus. It was really funny. We had a banquet for the last day. Everybody was dressed up but most of them changed before the dance. All the adults left the room and we had the talking stick ceremony. This is where we passed around a stick and whoever had it could say whatever they liked or didn't like about their stay at Encounters. After that everybody went to the dance. They stayed up almost all night.
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