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Impact of Reality TV on our Society

No description

Victoria Tomasello

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Impact of Reality TV on our Society

Genres of Reality TV
Demonstrates Bad Morals
"Social Experiment"
Shows like:
Jersey Shore
Bad Girls Club
Big Brother
Real World
Impact of Reality TV on our Society
False Sense of Reality
The "social experiment" side of reality TV depicts a false sense of reality. As average americans, one does not want to watch someone going to school, work etc. It's more interesting to watch a life that very little live.
Television programmes focusing on members of the public living in conditions created especially by the programme makers.
Reality TV by Definition
Reality Legal
Reality Competition
Hidden Camera
Reality shows will get better ratings when someone cheats ore demonstrates risky or immoral behavior.
Professional Activities
Today's 'Hero's' are loosing their spotlight
When we are giving a choice to watch a documentary on one accomplishments or a dramatic reality show we are most likely to choose the dramatic show
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