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Spinning Jenny

No description

Brenna Tracey-Patte

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Spinning Jenny

Spinning Jenny
By Brenna and Abeny
The Spinning Jenny is a hand-powered spinning machine. It was the first machine to improve upon the spinning wheel. It reduced the amount of work for yarn and allows the worker to spin eight or more spindles at once.
Primary and Secondary Source
This is a primary picture of the spinning jenny, because its a picture of the original one. This picture is also a secondary source because its a picture of the spinning jenny not the real one.

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The spinning jenny was invented by James Hargreaves. The idea came to him in 1764 but he didn't build the first spinning jenny until 1767.
Why was the spinning jenny important
The spinning jenny was important because it was the first machine of the industrial revolution designed to reduce lobar costs and increase production. The spinning jenny was a replacement for the 'spinning wheel', but some historians believe that James Hargreaves may have improved Thomas High's invention.
The spinning jenny was built in James Hargreaves' house, which was located in Stanhill, Oswaldtwistle in Lancashire, England.
James Hargreaves was born on January 8, 1721 in Blackburn, Lancashire, England and died on April 22, 1778 in Nottingham, England. James Hargreaves invented 'the spinning jenny' in 1767. James was poor and uneducated, he could not read or write. James was a weaver living in Stanhill, near Blackburn, Lancashire.
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