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Glen Canyon Dam

No description

Josie Reno

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam by mayra and jo
When and why as the Glen Canyon built?
The Glen Canyon was built 52 years ago in 1963.
The Glen Canyon was built to provide hydroelectricity and a regular flow from the upper Colorado River to the lower.
It was also built to control flooding.
Problems and Conflicts with the Glen Canyon
The dam faild in 1983 as a result of a flood at the upper colorado river.
20 years after it was built.
the dam was achored in the unstable Navajo sandstone.
Its wasting hundred thousand acre feet of water.
Why and how was the Glen Canyon
The Calorado River Storage Project athorized the construction for the dam.
Which was passed by a slim majority.
How the Glen Canyon Dam can be used today
Its used to prevent flooding.
"the engineers at the dam who jerk the river upand down depending, we concluded, on how much electricity they want to generate at any given time"
Book souce
by Will Hobbs
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