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Artemis goddess of the hunt

No description

Madison Burgess

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Artemis goddess of the hunt

Artemis by Madison Burgess More......:) And more....:) Physical Traits Personality and facts Back Story Rules over Enemies Greek or Roman?? Family Symbol Powers/Weakness Description of Artemis Dad- Zeus
Mother- Leto
Twin Brother- Apollo Powers- Very strong and can shot arrows better than any goddess.
Weakness- Hates men! She even got one torn apart
after he offended her. Symbol- Usually it has her with her hounds or a stag and she is carrying her custom made bow and arrows with her. She is also depicted having the moon crescent on her forehead or bow. Greek! Artemis ruled over the wilderness, the Hunt, wild
animals, and fertility. Also became the guardian of child birth after she helped her brother be born. Intersting fact, it took Apollo nine hours to be born right after Artemis.:) Anyone who would try to hurt her purity, who
disobeyed, and even insulted her mother, she would release her wrath upon the poor soul. For example, a woman named Niobe, insulted Leto sayingshe had more children then she. Which that meant to her that she was better than Leto. Fustrated, Apollo and Artemis went and killed all of her children. Artemis lived in the mountains with her fellow
virgin Nymphs. They roamed through out the woods
hunting animals and shooting their bows. She always carrys a bow made by Hephaestus and the
cyclops. It's been said that she has the crescent moon on her forehead, and is also very protective and possessive.
Very strong and capable to protect herself and those she loves. Artemis's personality was again very possesive about
everything and very protective over her mother Leto.
1.) At an early age she wanted not to be forced into marriage.
2.) She made Orion a constellation.
3.) She never married anyone. The son of poseidon, Orion, was hunting one day and meet Artemis. They quickly became friends and Apollo didn't like this so he tricked his sister by saying Orion hurt one of her nymphs. Of course she became mad and sent a gigantic scorpion after him. He became poisened and died. Then she lifted him into the stars with the scorpion chasing him at a safe distance. So the scorpion has just rised as the hunter just set into the western horizon. works cited Picture of zues-lieslcastermans.woelmuis.nl
Picture of Leto-aworldofmyths.com
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