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the psychology of cuteness

No description

Narwhal Unicorn

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of the psychology of cuteness

Japan Characteristics Origin Valentina Lohr (the psychology of cuteness) "baby schema" Men vs. Women Welcome! and cuter... ...and cuter this is where things get cuter babies caretaker appeal large, oval face incomplete features advertising which baby is cuter? 1. 2. men women Study Results less more facial happiness same! Neuroscience Amygdala processes emotions responds to animals Endangered Animals donation depends on animal larger eyes = more money myths-made-real.blogspot.com vs animals.nationalgeographic.com www.autoblog.com www.tumblr.com Female and male responses to cuteness, age and emotion in infant faces http://cuteoverload.com/2011/07/07/teeny-peeglette/ www.autoblog.com www.123rf.com blog.girlybubble.com www.memorylossonline.com Walt Disney advancedtrainingsi.blogspot.com www.strapya-world.com tight hierarchy cute capital of the world wobbly gait originally did not sell big eyes, short snout cuteness sells! disney.wikia.com Advertising even inanimate objects can be cute! no wonder it's "cute as a bug" www.autoblog.com www.123rf.com "baby schema"
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