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Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost

No description

Jenna Kelly

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost

By Robert Frost "Nothing Gold Can Stay" Inference: drawing conclusions. Inference is using facts, observations, and logic or reasoning to come to an assumption or conclusion. It is not stating the obvious (stating the obvious: that girl is wearing a fancy dress and carrying a bouquet of flowers. inference: that girl is a flower girl in a wedding). It is not prediction, though the two are definitely related. Inference asks "What conclusions can you draw about what is happening now?" Prediction asks, "What will happen next?"

Stanza: a unit of lines within a larger piece of poetry

Allusion: making a reference to something. http://staff.fcps.net/wturner/AllusionsPowerpoint%20Condensed.pdf

Symbolism: giving special meaning to objects, events, or relationships "caged bird" http://adele-garlasco.blogspot.com/ Academic Vocabulary Couplet
Grief Vocabulary for: "Nothing Gold Can Stay" Brainstorm your thoughts as a team about colors and common associations with those colors. Say: When I think of blue, I think of the calm ocean and peacefulness. As a team write down at least 3 color associations. Before Reading: Predict Nature Poet: Robert Frost Frost writes powerfully about the natural world. He connects the nature of the outdoors to our human nature. He discusses our hopes, fears, desires, and tragedies. The most famous poem ever written about the need for all things to grow up. Think about the poem as it relates to your life or the circle of life. "Nothing Gold Can Stay" Who can recall the story of The Garden of Eden? "Nothing Gold Can Stay" Robert Frost makes an allusion to this story.
"Nothing Gold Can Stay" Paraphrase worksheet After reading: Review The Garden of Eden story Essential Questions: Complete the questions on loose leaf and turn them in when finished. 1.What is the author's perspective on life?
2. How do writers use colors and symbols in writing?
3. How do writers use personal reflection to guide their writing?
4. What does gold represent in the poem?
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