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Skyler L-- U.S. History Timeline 1776-1877

U.S. History Timeline of important events from 1776-1877.

Skyler L

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Skyler L-- U.S. History Timeline 1776-1877

American History
Timeline Important Events 1776-

1787- The Declaration of Independance The Articles of
Confederation Washington's Farewell Address Northwest Ordinance Constitution ratified Skyler L. The Radification
of the Constitution 1787 The Constitution set
the laws for the United
States of America The Constitution was ratified in 1787. "We the
people..." Important Events (cont.) 1803-
1823- Louisiana Purchase Lewis & Clark Expedition Invention of the steamboat War of 1812 Erie Canal was built Missouri Compromise Monroe Doctrine Lewis and Clark's
Expedition 1804-1806 Merriwether Lewis and William Clark discovered new plants and animal species in their trip across the continential U.S. to reach the Pacific Ocean. A young Indian
woman named
Sacajawea guided
Lewis and Clark
on their trip, all
while carrying a
newborn baby. California Gold Rush 1848 James Marshall,
a miner, found
gold ore in the American River. Important Events (cont.) 1824-

1849- Indian Removal Act Trail of Tears Irish Potato Famine
Texas Independence Mexican War Seneca Falls Convention California Gold Rush The gold rush is why people originally moved to the west. The Oregon Trail was created from pioneers moving to California. Important Events (cont.) 1850-
1863- Compromise of 1850 Civil War Kansas-Nebraska Act Dred Scott Supreme Court Decision John Brown's Raid at Harper's Ferry Lincoln's Election Emancipation Proclamation The Civil War 1851-65 The Civil War was a bloody battle with the North pitted against the South. The war over
slavery. Thousands of
people died. General Robert E.
Lee was the Confederate
leader. General
S. Grant
was the
leader. Important Events (cont.) 1865-

1877- Lincoln's Assasination
13th Amendment Reconstruction Acts 24th Amendment 15th Amendment Comprimise of 1877 Lincoln's Assasination April 14, 1865 Abraham Lincoln was assasinated by John Wilkes Booth, a Confederate supporter. Lincoln was watching a play with his wife at Ford Theater. He was the first
president to ever be assasinated, but
not the last. 1776-1877 Mr. Blackwell
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