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Alex ovispo

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Romania

Romania Romanian Flag History Culture Goverment Romanian Castle Geography The type of lanscape in Romania are mountains and grasslands The average tempature of Romania is
11 celcius to 26celcius year long.
Bucharest is the capitol
of romania Romania map romania was founded in
1877 - 1878 Romanian fought for its
independence Henri Coanda, Nicolae Paulsecu are two very important people The population of Romania
is 21,513,622 citizens The tourism has become more
important to romania over the years
because the tourism is a significant
contributor Romania's best tourist sites are natural landscapes and its rich history Romania inports machinary and equipment,
fuels and minerals, chemicals, textile and products,
metals, and agricultural products Romania exports machinary and equipment,
textiles and footwear, metals and metal prducts,
minerals and fuels, chemicals, agricultural products. Romania main type of government
is Republic Romania's form of money is leu. The traditio0nal music of romania
is folk music A traditional dance of romania
is Banat. A story from romania is how the world
was created. Two important characters of the stories
are mazdeist and Daci Sarmale, mititei, and ciorba de fasole cu costita are three meals that romanians eat Eastern orthodox , catholics, and prostestant
are 3 religions in romania Soccer, gymnastics, and kayak/ canoe,
are three significant sports played in romania
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