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Rock Candy

No description

jenna Schuele

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Rock Candy

Rock Candy
by: William Schuele

Adding some food coloring.
The water absorbed as much sugar as possible.
Day 3
Rock candy world
How does a supersaturated solution work?
When a solution is heated (in this case water) it is able to absorb more solute (sugar) than it normally would. The supersaturated solution is unstable and as it cools the sugar begins to precipitate (come out of) the solution forming crystals.
Candied sugar has it origins in Iran.
In the 9th century Islamic writers
described the production of candy
sugar, where crystals were grown as a
result of cooling supersaturated sugar

watching the sugar dissolve in the boiling
Let the sugar
Day 1
Day 2
Yellow one is crystallizing.
Day 4

What happens
when Dad is left
Making rock candy is science
that tastes good.
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