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Chelsea Baker

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Kingdoms.

Kingdom Fungi.

Multi-celled organism that feeds on living and dead organisms.
Digest food outside their body and absorb it.
Multicellular except for yeast.
Eukaryotic heterotrophs that have cell walls made of chitin. Phylum Zygomycota: Common Mold Rhizoids and stolons are two kinds of hyphae. Many smaller fruiting bodies. It looks 'fuzzy'. It has the sexual and asexual phase to life cycle. Phylum Basidiomycota: Some edible, some poisonous. Club Fungi. Fruiting bodies develop quickly, sometimes overnight. Specialized reproductive structure - basidium. Phylum Ascomycota: Includes yeast. Sac fungi. The largest phylum. Special structure - ascus. Yeast powder - spores from ascus. Kingdom Plantae. Autotrophic. Multicellular Eukaryotes. came from algae. Cell walls made of cellulose. Photosynthesis using Chlorophyll a and b. Mosses. Places that are wet.
Rainforests. Thick Carpet Substance. Depends on water
for production. Lack of
Vascular Tissue. Human usage. burned for heat or fuel. Ferns. 350 million years old. Wet areas is what it likes. Larger leaves that
are called fronds. Seedless Vascular. bryophytes. first to develop vascular tissue. True Roots. Tracheids. Flowering Plants. cone-bearing Plants. AngioSperm. Gymnosperm. Seed plant. Seed plant. Dont require
water for fertilization. Needles adapted
to dry conditions. Evergreen -
don't shed. Waxy coating. Low surface area. Unique reproductive organs. Attract aniamals, spreading pollen.
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