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Midwestern University Student Physical Therapy Association

No description

Emily Haven

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Midwestern University Student Physical Therapy Association

Midwestern University Student Physical Therapy Association
SPTA Elected Positions
Voting will take place next general body meeting, which will be Thursday, July 9, 2015

If you are interested in running for a position, come sign up after the meeting!
Optimism Race
Tentative date: October 10, 2015

Need lots of help to fill committees!

Myles Melyon
SSIG Dates
Lunch-and-Learn with Myles and Emily :
Friday, June 19, 2015
Location TBD (Probably Glendale 331/332)

Summer AzSSIG meeting:

Topic: Cash-Based Physical Therapy
Thursday, June 25, 2015
Downtown Phoenix NAU campus
Followed by social gathering at Mother Brunch Brewing
(825 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006)
PT Month BBQ
October is PT Month!
We will be throwing a BBQ on campus, including various activities for students to participate in!

Date: TBD

1. Preside over all meetings
2. Are the chief executive officer(s) of the MWSPTA
3. Assure that all members abide by MWSPTA policies and procedures
4. Responsible for organizing and coordinating all MWSPTA events
5. Disseminate information from the APTA to the general assembly
6. Are in charge of registering the MWSPTA with Midwestern
University Student Services at the beginning of each academic year
or as needed.
7. Conduct elections for the following year’s officers and class representatives
8. Work with the MWSPTA faculty advisor on all events and meetings
9. Oversee planning and implementation of educational speaker engagements.
Current: Michael Ufomadu and Emily Haven
1. Attend all officer and MWSPTA meetings
2. Record and post the minutes on the MWSPTA
bulletin board or website
3. Create and organize agenda for exec board and general meeting
4. Participate in MWSPTA and fundraising events
5. Make a list at the end of the year of all active members
6. Organize Welcome BBQ
7. Create and maintain the MWSPTA calendar
Current: Neelu Khosraviani
1. Responsible for maintaining the MWSPTA account and provide a financial report including account balance at meetings
2. Attend MWU Student Government meetings and be knowledgeable of university fundraising policies.
3. Correspond with the MWSPTA Faculty Advisor and Program Director of all budgetary items.
4. Responsible for the organization of all MWSPTA funds.
5. Attends all officer and MWSPTA meetings
6. Responsible for ordering food and supplies for MWSPTA events
7. Updates the MWSPTA Faculty Advisor and Program Director on a regular basis regarding the club’s finances
8. Act as chairperson for the MWSPTA fundraising committee.
Current: Liana Knight
1. Records the MWSPTA activities by taking notes
and photographs at each event.
2. Attends all officer and MWSPTA meetings
3. Places photographs in an organized album to be kept as a record of the involvement of the MWSPTA in various activities.
4. Maintains records of the planning and implementation of all MWSPTA activities
5. Assembles a bulletin board, located in Glendale Hall 332, annually to show active participation of the club at Midwestern University.
6. Serves as a co-chair for one of the MWSPTA committees.
Current: Hailee Vuncannon
Class Representatives
1. Responsible for notifying his/her class about
upcoming meetings and events.
2. Must attend all officer and MWSPTA meetings
Additional duties:
1st year- Responsible for community service committee
2nd year- Responsible for co-chairing a fundraiser
3rd year- Responsible for co-chairing the apparel committee
1st year: George Andrews and Brent McMurtry
2nd year: Monica Ross and Lauren Roy
$15 annually

Liana Knight
AzPTA Fall State Meeting
Tentative dates:
October 9-10, 2015

Location: TBD
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