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Two Weeks with the Queen

No description

Jemma Ballard

on 14 July 2011

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Transcript of Two Weeks with the Queen

By Morris Gleitzman Characters:
Aunty Iris and Uncle
Ted Caldicot Colin is the main character in the novel, Two weeks with the Queen. Colin is a twelve year old boy that lives with his Mum, Dad and brother Luke in Australia. Colin is a character that grows a lot! When his brother gets cancer he thinks that he can just go up to the Queen and get the best doctor in the world. 'Look,' he said, 'I know you're probably not meant to open the gate and probably get people lying through their teeth all the time, but I promise you I'm telling the truth and if you open the gate I'll explain everything to the Queen and you won't lose your job or get you sent to Northern Ireland.' He soon finds that is not the case. Later on in the book Colin finds out that Luke will die. Colin went home to be with Luke. ‘There wasn’t a person in the world he would have changed places with at that moment, not even the Queen of England.’ Colin learns many things by the end of this book, such as you can’t just go up to the Queen and talk to her and that if you brother is dying you should spend time with him. Two Weeks with the Queen What was the story about? Colin’s brother Luke got cancer. 'Luke lay on the floor, eyes closed, very plale, very still.' So Colin had to go to London to stay with his Aunty and Uncle. Colin thought that he could get the Queen to help find the best doctor in the world! In the end Colin became more mature and went home to spend time with Luke before Luke died. Where Colin goes in the novel? What I think of this book I think that Colin had to go through a lot! The adults around Colin did not think that Colin would understand what was happening to Luke, so they do not tell him. ‘Don’t talk about things you don’t understand,’ she said in a loud whisper.’ So Colin went off to find someone to fix Luke.
This book had many themes. Some of them were love, death, family, friends. I think that Morris Gleitzman wrote this book because kids can get cancer and it is a fact of life.
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