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Digital Storytelling

No description

Jessica Smith

on 18 June 2011

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Transcript of Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling What is Digital Storytelling? Where can you create digital stories? Digital Storytelling in the Classroom Ready to Join in? Check out these Resources. http://www.delicious.com/sig4msu Twitter Hashtag #SIG4 Join Our SIG! SIG Members
Anna Cajiga, Jessica Smith, Dana Epstein, Cynthia Stabnick Creating digital stories can be done easily using the following websites. Gain knowledge about Digital Storytelling Suggested free digital story websites Online digital storytelling lesson plans Educational conversation about digital storytelling Teachers can create free classroom accounts
Students can create multi-page digital stories
Students can save and publish on KerPoof's site
Access to free lesson plans A collaborative digital storytelling site
Students can work together to create a multimedia slideshow
Students can insert images, videos, and their own voice
Students can comment in 5 ways: microphone, telephone, text, audio file (MP3/WAV), and webcam
Publish work for others in Voicethread to view.
Fee based site. $60 a year for a single teacher, create up to 100 accounts
Access to manuals, resources, and discussion forums Teachers can create free classroom accounts
Students can select artwork to inspire their digital story
Collaborative writing features
Save and publish stories to Storybird
Create a classroom digital story library 3D pop-up digital storytelling site
Students can create a 3D story and publish it to ZooBurst
Teachers can create classroom accounts
Fee based site, $ 50 per year for 250 accounts Free program through download
Import images, add titles, text, and students voice
Multiple save options for easy publishing
Tutorials & Lesson Plans available for content areas Wondering how you can use in the classroom? Click the link below to read a digital story that explains why you NEED digital storytelling in your classroom:
http://storybird.com/books/digital-storytelling-a-dream-come-true/ When you hear "digital storytelling" most educators think of incorporating it with reading and language arts. But Digital Storytelling can be integrated into ALL the subjects! Start here to learn about this must-have technology for any 21st century classroom. So what can you do? have the students use voicethread to complete a long division problem and explain all the steps
Step into their shoes and take on the role of a person from a histroical time period and explain major events from his/her perspective.
tell the story of the water cycle as a raindrop
tell the story of the lifecycle of a butterfly or frog
set up an "interview"
re-enact a historical event
take the audience on a geometry walk of your classroom or school Digital Storytelling? Why??? So What is a Digital Story? KerPoof Voicethread Storybird ZooBurst Photo Story 3 In order to evaluate student work, you will want to use an
evaluation tool such as a rubric.

It is helpful to provide students with a rubric up front,
so that they know the criteria for success.

You may even want students to evaluate each other using a peer rubric. This group provides... Where to get more ideas The process of digital storytelling consists of three phases:
1) pre-production: This is where students brainstorm, write scripts, and storyboard.
2) production: Students do recording and editing, fine tuning and titling--this is where the piece comes together.
3) post-production: Sharing is where some of the most important reflective learning takes place! http://www.digitales.us/learninglab/exploritorium/index.php

http://creativeeducator.tech4learning.com/v05/stories/Digital_Storytelling_Across_the_Curriculum_03 Two to five minutes
in length DIGITAL STORIES Using technology
to tell stories Still images or video Text Narration Music or sounds How can you successfully implement Digital Stories into your classroom? Information on digital story elements Research-based benefits of digital storytelling The planning process Start by creating your own digital story to share with your class! Be sure to explicitly articulate the objectives of the project to your students. The teacher must decide the specifics for a project, such as the genre, point of view, length and whether this will be a group or an individual project. Rubrics timeline Using a timeline will help you to successfully implement digital storytelling into your classrooom. Create an assignment timeline, with built-in progress reviews. This will allow you to intervene if a project is off-track. copyright As an educator, it is extremely important for you and your students to be aware of the law so that you know what kind of images, sounds, and other media you can use without infringing the copyright of others. Follow the link below for more information about Copywrite, Fair Use, and Creative Commons.
http://digitalstorytelling.coe.uh.edu/copyright.html#01 Let's sum it up.
Here's What you need to know... ...and you should be using them in your classroom! Digital stories can be computerized books, like the one you just read, or....
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