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Posting Payments &

No description

Chelsea Troyer

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Posting Payments &

After submitting claims through insurance, payments will be received along with a Remittance Advice. The following steps show how to accept payments from the RA on.
Posting Payments &
Creating Statements

Review the RA to verify that:
All procedures are represented
All CPT codes are the same
Is the payment the expected amount?
Review the reasons for denial
Resubmit or appeal if necessary
Often sent with RA
Enter in "Deposit" dialog box
Assign "Payor" as Insurance
Assign payment method
Enter payment amount
All payments must be assigned to accounts after entering into the system
Click "Apply Payment/Adjustments to charges"
Select the appropriate payer
Match the patient and procedure to the payment
Continue until all money is assigned.
Enter as insurance, but mark the payor as "Capitation"
Accepting Payment
Payments must be assigned to individuals rather than claims, as the amount given does not match services provided.
After searching for patients with capitated plans, adjust their account to zero for the applicable claims, regardless of amount paid.
Must be reviewed before accepting the payment:
The RA is received!
After the RA has been reviewed and accepted, payments are posted to appropriate accounts.
Capitated accounts will send one lump sum payment to cover the agreed upon amount for all patients subscribed.
Accept and Enter Payments
Capitated Accounts
Assigning Capitation
Applying Insurance Payments
Is the RA correct?
Create and Print Statements
After billing is complete and all payments are applied, send statements for the remainder of the balance.
Select the Type of Statement
Shows only remaining balance after payments applied
Shows all transactions regardless of insurance payment activity
Filter data by transaction date, chart number, provider or any other criteria to produce the statements desired
Print and Send
Filter according to desired data, and style of billing (cycle?)
Print and send!
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