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5C vocabulary

No description

Catherine Robinson

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of 5C vocabulary

People were
at the senseless brutality of the crime.
aghast- (adj.) filled with amazement, disgust, fear, or terror
Thanks to the wet spring weather, birds and other animals will have an
supply of food for the rest of the year.
ample- (adj.) more than enough, large, spacious
The vivid
seemed so real that it completely unnerved me.
apparition- (n.) a ghost or ghostly figure; an unexplained or unusual appearance
Throughout the trial and the lengthy appeal process that followed, the defendant firmly
her innocence.
assert- (v.) to declare or state as truth, maintain or defend, put forward forcefully
The tiny kittens
in the corner, obviously frightened by the huge, growling dog.
cower- (v.) to crouch or shrink away from in fear or shame
their cowardly behavior.

Fair-minded people have only
for racism in all its forms.
disdain- (v.)to look upon with scorn; to refuse scornfully; (n.) a feeling of contempt
Most people never stop to consider the words that might one day appear as their own
epitaph- (n.) a brief statement written on a tomb or gravestone
New developments in medicine often lead to discussions of important
ethical- (adj.) having to do with morals, values, right and wrong; in accordance with standards of right conduct; requiring a prescription for purchase.
We had to laugh at her
facetious- (adj.) humorous, not meant seriously
Some high-frequency sounds are
to even the keenest human ear.
inaudible- (adj.) not able to be heard
slaughter of white whales brought that species to the brink of extinction.
indiscriminate- (adj.) without restraint or control; unselective
Investigators uncovered a shocking network of lies and international

The old album full of faded family pictures and postcards from exotic places
the children.
intrigue- (n.) crafty dealings, underhanded plotting; (v.) to form and carry out plots; to puzzle or excite the curiosity
Their story didn't sound
to me.
plausible- (adj.) appearing true, reasonable, or fair
Despite the couple's enormous wealth, their taste in cars and houses is surprisingly

At one time, the
of ancient Rome where excluded from holding public office of any kind.
plebeian- (adj.) common, vulgar; belonging to the lower class; (n.) a common person, member of the lower class
We have a tight budget, but we make an exception for
celebrations on family birthdays.

The elderly man told us that he greatly regretted the years he spent living the life of a
prodigal- (adj.) wastefully extravagant; lavishly or generously abundant; (n.) one who is wasteful and self-indulgent
People with children often choose a house because of its
to schools.
proximity- (n.) nearness, closeness
At many old mills in Vermont, granite stones were used to
the grain.
pulverize- (v.) to grind or pound to a powder or dust; to destroy or overcome (as though by smashing into fragments)
Cases involving robbery and assault are usually tried under the
of the sheriff's department.
jurisdiction- (n.) an area of authority or control; the right to administer justice
Readers are eagerly awaiting a sequel to the author's best-selling mystery novel.
sequel- (n.) that which follows, as a result; a literary
work or film continuing the story of one written or made earlier
A person who is usually calm and collected may nevertheless sometimes behave in a
volatile- (adj.) highly changeable, fickle; tending to become violent or explosive; changing rapidly from the liquid to the gaseous state

The woman amended her will with an
when her husband suddenly died.

addendum- (n.) a thing that is added; an appendix or addition to a book or written document
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