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Position Paper - Get it right

No description

François Reyes

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Position Paper - Get it right

What's a PP ?
A Position Paper (diplomatically called a PP), is a piece of document on which you can sum up the position of your country on a particular topic, while providing propositions related to the topic.
What does it look like ?
Like a lot of things in the diplomatic world, there is a very strict way of arranging your PP.

Have a look !
What to put in your PP
Introduction : definition of the terms (What implications does the topic have on international politics ? Dangers, risks, impacts on world peace ? Who is affected ? What's the exact issue to be taken into consideration ?)
Position of the country : in what way are you concerned ? What measures have you already adopted ? Which treaties, conventions, UN resolutions, national plans ? Successes ? Failures ? What has the UN done so far ?
What should be done : What do you propose ? Be realistic about your ideas. What role do you think the UN should have ? Evoke your goals.
Always be aware that you're speaking for your assigned country. Not for you. No "I".

Do not be afraid to use many official references, multiple times. France is : The French Republic. So : the French Republic would like to...

! General Speakers List !
Position Paper - Getting it right
Thank you for... Begin to explain your position on the matter
What's the situation in your country ? How are you concerned by the issue ?
What have you done to address the issue ? What options would you want to explore during the conference ?
Your turn
You got 10 minutes to make a PP draft (only a few sentences), summarizing your position and so on.

For the next session :
Make a Position Paper

Theme of our next session:
The debate is ON.
"Etant semi-orientale, la démocratie pour moi c'est un peu comme un whisky-coca, ça coute cher et c'est dégueulasse"
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