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Pablo Picasso

No description

Kewei Zheng

on 26 June 2015

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Transcript of Pablo Picasso

Early life

ablo Picasso (1881 –1973) was a Spanish painter, sculptor, print maker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright who spent most of his life in France. He was also the one established the basis of abstract art.

icasso showed a passion for drawing from an early age. His first words were "Piz, Piz!" which means pencil in Spanish. From the age of seven, Picasso received formal artistic training from his father.

Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain.

1901-Blue Period:
Picasso's best friend died, so he began to paint with lots of blue, making his painting lonely and sad.

1904-Rose Period:
Picasso's blue period ended when he started relationship Fernande Olivier. Soon after happier colors started showing up in his paintings.

Picasso started to try cubism with Georges Braque, and it became one of the most influential art style of the early twentieth century.

Beginning of World War I.

When the civil war started in Spain, the small town of Guernica was destroyed. Picasso was very outraged, he used palette of black, white and gray in his painting to show the world how foolish the war was, and it's also know as one of the most moving and powerful anti-war paintings in history.

World War II begins.

World War II ends.

Pablo Picasso died in France, at the age of 92.
Pablo Picasso was a huge contributor of Cubism movement. It's one of the most important role in the development of modern art.
Picasso wanted to show us things more than one angle at a time, so he collaberate with another painter Georges Braque and started a new style. Picasso's cubism stunned the public and made him very famous. His Cubism also inspired other European artist to really think outside the box. This style is so widely used that we have museums such as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), which showed how far modern art has come throughout these years.
What made Picasso different from other artists was that his art not only affected his emotions in his own personal life, but the outside world as well. This one of his many accomplishments was when he had made a poster of a dove for the Peace Congress after the World War II. After surviving three wars, Picasso knew how important it was to work for peace in the world. The dove since then has become one of the most important and recognizable symbols of peace around the world.
Examples of Cubism
Picasso 's art career passed over a 7 decade period, but Cubism is one of his most known style by people all around the world. This new style provided a different way of seeing.
It started with just one painting and also the most significant painting by Picasso named Les Demoiselle d'Avignon (the five young ladies of Avignon). The five ladies were portrayed distorted and ugly, and looked as if they are going to fall apart, and caused a great argument because people thought it should look more professional and realistic. Picasso had broken all the rules to create this painting. His main goal was try to paint the women more than one angle at a time while he was creating this piece of art. Today this painting has been called the first modern twentieth century painting.

Character Traits
The peace posters
Impact of Picasso's
art to the world
Le Picador by Pablo Picasso (1890)
At the age of 9, Picasso completed his first painting. It's a man riding a horse in a bullfight.
The old Guitarist
Garçon à la pipe
In 1895, after Picasso sister's death, the family moved to Barcelona,
with his father transferring to the School of Fine Arts. Picasso took
an entrance exam to enter the school. The process often take students a moth, but Picasso completed in a week, and they admitted him, at just 13. Picasso made friends there that would affect him later in life.
Imaginative,creative. The reason I think
Picasso's art is so famous is because he had very
different view to look at things from other painters.
He even made a bull's head by using a bike.
Significant Events
Pablo Picasso
"Youth has no age."
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