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No description

Nadinastiti -

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of LynCafe

Emphatize Ideate Define Prototyping The seats LynCafe Marchy Panggabean
Dion Jogi Parlinggoman
Hilman Beyri
Rido Ramadan
Ahmad Anshorimuslim
M. R. Al-Ghazali
Nadinastiti Assume
Mindset 13509026
18209026 How Might We? Stoke:
Roulette The waiters The waiters The menu The waiting The utensils The interactions The seats The utensils The menu The waiting template smiles and words not personal grouped and not flexible there's no spoon on my table! bad mood, tired, procedures to make billing process easier I'll take it from next table don't know what to do
don't know what to talk play with gadgets
not talking to friends in front of us confusing menu the photos is often different from reality thematic room interactions rewards hourglass time interesting costumes
for waiters round tables 24x7 LynCafe Connecting People Looking for Inspiration? Unleash creativity Idea Co-Creation Comfortable Place Delicious Food Experience
unique moment Waiting? What about Playing training for waiters photo booths
and testimonials magician waiters open kitchen calling buttons "phone stack" game board games Prototyping LynCafe Arts Movie Sports Discussion Board Games Music Test thematic concept phone stack photo booth testimonials "this is innovation!" favorite: music, movie, board game rewards for
interactions with strangers no open kitchen + - ? ! "expensive? no!" no tablet no thematic room tablet system won't be sustainable unwilling to interact prohibition is more interesting open kitchen for attractive cooking no noise, please the identity of LynCafe the price the people music theme village theme efficiency general room special attraction: Kungfu Chef regular price consideration for tablet board games thematic -> atmosphere phone stack without points cafe identity?
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