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Plot Outline: Stand and Deliver


Andrea Calabrese

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Plot Outline: Stand and Deliver

Plot Outline: Stand and Deliver Setting Rising Action Exposition Climax Falling Action Denouement/
Resolution There is an investigation into the cheating. Mr. Escalante suspects the accusations are because of the students' ethnicity and poverty. The students re-take the AP Calculus exam under strict supervision and pass a second time. The class rose to Mr. Escalante's expectations and were able to change their lives. Mr. Escalante was able to increase participation in the AP calculus classes at Garfield High, and each year more and more students passed and received college credit. By: When:
May 7th, 2:12 pm Weighed 32000 tonnes
and was struck by an exploding torpedo. 1201 casualties
- 128 Americans East Los Angeles, CA
1980s The problem is introduced and the events become interesting. One shot could sink
the submarine Bad for Germany. Therefore,
didn't want to follow
"Freedom of the Seas" Involved attacking merchant
ships without warning Mainly used by Germany
Sunk Lusitania.
Therefore, stopped for
a while
But was continued as a
last resort (Feb 1, 1917) The sinking was against "Freedom of the Seas" --> no warning given Arabic and Sussex Pledges Wilson protests Arabic - British liner Loss: 2 Americans
Germans backed
out September 1, 1915 - Arabic Pledge
Germans promise not to sink unarmed liners March 1916 - Sussex
(French channel streamer)
sunk May 31, 1916 - Sussex Pledge - Germans agreed to abide by rules of visit and search Germans at disadvantage United States had become their storehouse for munitions, food, and raw materials. American loaned them $2 billion American trade with British:
$800 million - over $300 million American trade with Germany
$170 million - less than $1 million Germans prepared this time Enough submarines in hand
Didn't fear U.S.
Wilson broke diplomatic relations with
Germany Led to Russia's withdrawal from WWI as U.S. entered - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany approaches Mexico for help in the war
- tries to convince Mexico to attack the US
- In return, Germany would help reclaim the lands lost to the US previously - British intercepted the diagram
- Were hesitant to forward the info at first
- Then realized that US support in the war was more important than guarding intelligence secrets. Wilson gets really REALLY REALLLYYY mad - Characters ...the plot thickens... Mr. Escalante comes to Garfield High School to teach computers. There are no computers, so he is assigned to teach basic math. 1 3 Mr. Escalante gets his students' attention with unusual teaching methods. The school is in trouble because of failing test scores. Mr. Escalante wants to teach AP calculus and have his students get college credit. 2 The students must study during the summer and extra hours during the school year to gain the math skills needed for calculus. Many students have difficult issues that Mr. Escalante helps them to resolve during this time. 4 Mr. Escalante suffers a heart attack due to all the extra stress and work. 5 The students take the AP Calculus exam. 6 This is the the most exciting part
of the story.
The conflict is about to be resolved. All of the students pass the AP Calculus exam. They are then accused of cheating on the exam and told their scores are not valid.
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