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Digital Agenda for Europe - ECDL Foundation

ECDL Foundation's commitment to the Digital Agenda for Europe

Carol-Ann Kogelman

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Digital Agenda for Europe - ECDL Foundation

Every European Digital What do we do? ECDL Foundation is the certifying authority of the leading international computer skills certification programme - ECDL/ICDL.

Visit our website to find out more! www.ecdl.org HOW? Engage our network of national partners in every country across Europe
Work with governments to define long-term strategies
Hold events in 10 countries to ensure digital literacy becomes a national priority
Collaborate with stakeholders to raise awareness ECDL Foundation's Commitment Want to see how we get on? Follow us:
www.twitter.com/ECDLFoundation Check us out on these networks too! ECDL Foundation is an active supporter of BIG IDEA 2: Multistakeholder Platform for Digital Literacy & e-Inclusion Engage citizens in Europe through our 12000 Test Centres. WE ARE RISING TO THE CHALLENGE TO MAKE EVERY EUROPEAN DIGITAL! ECDL Foundation is committed to implementing the Digital Agenda for Europe! Proficient ly ECDL Foundation commits to:
Engaging with 5 million citizens to acquire digital skills ECDL Foundation commits to:
Decreasing by 3% the 150 million without Internet skills ECDL Foundation commits to:
Promoting digital skills development at all education levels ECDL Foundation commits to:
Taking special measures to empower marginalised groups ECDL Foundation commits to:
Working with Member States to develop a long term digital literacy policy
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