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Let's Visit My Three Favorite Physical Features

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terianna french

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Let's Visit My Three Favorite Physical Features

Let's visit my three physical features

THe sea of japan

* sea of japan,or east sea,enclosed arm of the pacific ocean,c.405,000 sq mi

* THe sea of japan is located between japan and asian mainland,connecting with the east china sea,the pacific ocean, and the sea of okhotsk through several traits

* the japennesa name for japan is "nihon'' or ''Nippon'' which means ''sun orgin''
*japan is made up of 6,852 islands

* due to gasses due to produced by powerplants,japan sometimes suffer from acid rain

Sea Of Japan
Yellow River
Gabi Desert
Yellow river
*The yellow river or huang he-is the third longest river in asia

*The yelloow river is the sixth longest in the world and estimated lenght 5,464 km
* The yellow river basin has an east

-west extenct about1,900 kilometers
*The yellow river is one of the worlds most dangerous and destructive rivers
*Each year 1.5 billion tons of soil flows in the yellow river
Gobi desert

*Gobi means''waterless place''
*it is approxiatmetly 500,00 sq mi
*Fifth largest desert in the world
*Located on a plautea around 3,000 to 5,000
feet above sea level
*lies in a rain shadow caused by the himalayas
reference slide

* wikepedia,three physical feautures,i looked at this on wednesday night,chrome
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