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Papyrus Paper

No description

maria barun

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of Papyrus Paper

Papyrus paper
By: Maria Barun
Why is Papyrus so important?
Papyrus paper is a thick paper-like material.
Papyrus is made from the pith (tissue in the stem of the plant) of a Cyperus papyrus plant.
Ancient Egyptians learned to make papyrus as early as 3000 B.C.
The papyrus plant grows along the Nile which is where papyrus was made.
Here is how Papyrus paper is made:
What is Papyrus Paper?
Papyrus was so important because it had many uses including
paper, to send messages.
wove it into mats
made rope
Why was Papyrus so imprtant?
The paper we use today is named after papyrus
Papyrus from Egypt also inspired us to make paper today
The papyrus egyptians made also held images and writings that like hieroglphs gave us a glimpse into the past.
How does Papyrus influence us?
Thank you for listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Papyrus is so important because it holds records of things egyptian didnt believe were important enough to be put into hieroglphs. Things like medicine, boats and daily life as a peasent.
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