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Sing in 10 Minutes

Join me while I share some really useful singing tips!

Marquesa Versola

on 6 June 2010

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Transcript of Sing in 10 Minutes

Design Your Future Musical Goals What is Your Dream? Creative Collaging Discover Your Passion Meet Marquesa Your "Sing in 10 Minutes" Vocal Coach Welcome! Hey there singing friends! Welcome to Sing in 10 minutes.com
I am so happy to meet you and start this awesome journey
with you! Whether you've been sining for a few days, years or your entire life, there's something unique here for you to learn.

In this quick presentation I will show you what's in store when you
subscribe to the FREE "Sing in 10 Minutes" Audio Lessons!

Come along now, we need to get started! Journaling Let's Start Singing! So now that you have an idea about what we'll be working on together to make you an awesome singer and help you acheive all of your singing goals and aspirations, you need to take the next step!

Sign up for your FREE "Sing in 10 Minutes"
Audio Lessons Today!

FREE Singing Lessons Online Weekly Emails & Audio Lessons
Monthly Group Webinars
Online Fourm
Songwriting Circle
Premium Lessons & Videos
Events & Contests Perform on Stage
Star in a Musical
Become a Touring Singer Songwriter
Sing in a Band
Sing for Friends & Family
Sing in Church

Breathing & Posture
How the Voice Works
Warm ups & Vocal Strength Exercises
Define Your Unique Style
Learn Improvisation
Improve Tone
Sing in 10 Minutes will include more than just audio
lessons and instruction! The course will help you to
design the future you imagine! I'll help you to outline
and execute your Musical Dreams with creative projects
inspirational stories and other exciting activities. Practice Makes Powerful The lessons I've designed are 10 minutes each and will give you a
mega-dose of information and stuff to practice on your own. This
is where the magic begins! I will also provide you with a practice
guide so you know exactly how and when to practice.

Stick with the routine and you'll start hearing amazing results! In my FREE audio singing lessons you will learn:
www.singin10minutes.com "Singing is my passion! I can't wait to share
the singing, performance & vocal style
tips I've learned with YOU!"
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