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Copy of The Secret River

No description


on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Secret River

The Secret River
Alteration in his view of the natives. (Pg 229)
An encounter with conflict can make you a better or worse person
a recluse on his small parcel of land on the Hawkesbury.
had not cleared his place the way Thornhill and the others …this was a place where clearing and forest lived together on the same ground.’ (Pg 206)
Major Conflicts often arise from major misunderstandings
Conflict is often a struggle between the powerful and the powerless
Cultural Differences
"Men came from all the streets around, cheered to watch this black insect of a man capering before them, a person lower in the order of things even than they were." (pg 92)
Conflict cannot be resolved with violence
Violence is part of their being
Conflict is often a struggle between the powerful and the powerless
Major Conflicts often arise from major misunderstandings
An encounter with conflict can make you a better or worse person
Conflict cannot be resolved with violence

William's name was "as common as dirt" (pg 00)
His mother died and was put "into a common hole" (pg 19)
"He had a sudden dizzying understanding of the way men were ranged on top of each other; all the way from the Thornhills at the bottom up to the King, or God, at the top, each man higher than one, lower than another" (pg 26)
"A man whose heart was set on being Lord Mayor of London needed every penny for the buying of grand dinners and the supplying of gifts, and it did not leave much for being generous to his workers" (pg 52)
"It was the sound of two men below them on life's ladder" (pg 181)
" Only the wife of an emancipist" (pg 183)
"You're a fine fellow, Jack, Thornhill said. Even though your arse is as black as the bottom of a kettle." (pg 214)
"But we'll get you all in the end... There's such a bleeding lot of us" (Pg 214)
"They's savages, Dick. We're civilised folk, we don't go round naked" (pg 215)
Contrast between settings
"Thornhill felt his eyes wide open, straining to find something they could understand." (Pg 101)
"They were like the snakes or the spiders, not something that could be guarded against." (pg 93)
"There were no signs that the blacks felt the place belonged to them. They had no fences that said this is mine. No house that said, this is our home. There were no fields or flocks that said, we have put the labour of our hands into this place (Pg 93)
"They were clothes in their skins, the way Sal was clothed in her shawl and skirt." (Pg 194)
Sal’s epiphany (Pg 287)
"They did not seem to have to work to come by the little they need. ... They seemed to have plenty of time left for sitting by their fires talking and laughing and stroking the chubby limbs of their babies." (Pg 229)
Smasher - kidnaps Aboriginal women and keeps them as sex slaves. Frequently kills them when they approach his farm.
Smasher and Sagitty
"It's like bleeding flies, ain't it...kill one, ten more come to its funeral" (Pg 163)
"Strip every last shell" was "one way to get rid of them" (Pg 232)
"Smasher was a puny man with a whip at the ready in his hand" (Pg 252)
"Sagitty thumped on the table with his hand" ... "Thornhill saw what he had not seen before, that Sagitty was something of a lickspittle to Smasher" (Pg 255)
William Thornhill
"I could fetch me gun and blow your heathen head off easy as anything." (Pg 195)
"Them blacks ain't going to stand in my way!.. Nor you neither, Sal!" (Pg 290)
"He saw that she did not recognise him. Some violent man was pulling at her, shouting at her, the stranger within the heart of her husband" (Pg 291)
"He pulled off his heavy leather belt and beat Dick with it." (Pg 216)
Massacre / Killings
"She dropped the child and whirled about to pick it up again but John Lavender was there first with his sword and with one mighty swipe took off its head. It fell near his boot and he kicked it away" (Pg 303)
"He fired at a woman running awkwardly with a child in her arms." (Pg 304)
"Sliced her across her neck as if she were on of his hogs" (Pg 304)
"Sal could never for a moment stop seeing the differences between that place and this" (Pg 87)
"Just like the old Thames" "That's where Christ Church would be, and our little track the Borough High Street, see it there?" (Pg 137)
The causes and effects of conflict
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