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Devilish Femme Fatale- Medusa

No description

Patty Cheng

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Devilish Femme Fatale- Medusa

Devilish Gorgons- Medusa
Who is she ?!
Maid of Athena
Affair with Poseidon
Terrified creature
Culture: Art
Culture: Music
Medusa in Movies
Medusa in Fashion
Alexander McQueen
"The blood in his veins slowed to a crawl, as if someone Medusa's touch from Petraveil had begun turn him to stone.

"Her ponytail makes me think about Medusa".
Daily Products
Medusa Roundanini
Killed by Perseus
Turn into Stone/ Sight
Perseus with the Head of Medussa
1757-1822, Antonio Canova, Italy
Perseus with the Head of Medusa
1545-1554, Benvennto Cellini, Italy
Medusa, 1597, Caravaggio, Italy
GQ Cover
CD Cover
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