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Do Men or Women Have Better Short-Term Memories?

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MWC Impact Youth

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of Do Men or Women Have Better Short-Term Memories?

Do Men or Women Have a Better Short-Term Memory?
Independent Variables
Our study had several independent variables including:
length which people viewed the picture (10 seconds)
the picture the people viewed
the question the people were asked
the number of men and women who were asked (15 of each gender)
the number of masculine and feminine objects in the picture (14 of each)
Dependent Variable
The dependent variable of our study was the number of correct objects people could identify from the picture.
In this study we will show a picture with many common objects to both male and female participants of ages 40 and up. They will be asked to remember as much as possible while the picture is held up for ten seconds. After time is up, participants will be asked to list as many things as they remember. We will record the number of things listed for fifteen men and fifteen women.
Experimental Group
All 30 people were a part of the experimental group. This needed to occur so there could be a comparison between genders.
Drawing by: Nicole Lobo
The results were valid, but were not very significant to our study. The test was conducted the same way to each person and the wording of the question was phrased the same for each person. This ensured our results were valid and were not changed based upon wording.
Short-term memory is the capacity for holding a small amount of information in mind in an active, readily available state for a short period of time. Does gender play a role in short-term memory? We often harp on men for not remembering details, but women can be forgetful too. By showing opposite genders one busy picture and asking them to remember as much as possible, we will experiment how gender affects memorization.
Gender may not be that related to short-term memory. The results did not clearly show which gender had a better short-term memory.
Field Study
By: Laura Schulte, Kelly Mazotta, and Nicole Lobo
AP Psychology Period:3
Short-Term Memory
Control Group is N/A in our study.
These results were not very reliable due to the fact that we did not survey enough people. To improve the reliability of this field study, we should have increased the number of surveyed females and males. Picking a more specific age group would have also helped to make our results more reliable. Instead of surveying men and women that were 40 or older, we could have made it more specific and only surveyed men and women between the ages of 40-60.
Female participants will recall more items from the picture than men.
The results did not clearly show which gender had better short-term memory. It was hard to determine a dominant gender because the results varied. For example, there were 3 women who named 5 items, but there were 4 men who named 5 items. In this instance, more men had better short-term memory. But, 3 women could name 6 items, while only 1 man could name 6 items, showing women had better short-term memory. Surveying 15 women and 15 men revealed that gender is not clearly related to short-term memory.
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