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Ice Breakers

No description

Ilsa Olsen

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Ice Breakers

Fun get-to-know-you games
Ice Breakers
I will pick a volunteer to come up to the whiteboard. They will pick one paper from the bowl. Whatever word is on the paper you pick, you get to draw. People will raise their hands when they think they know the word and I will call on them. If they guess correctly, they will be the next person to draw.
Rare Bird
RTI Project
6th grade RTI project.
Do You Love Your Neighbor
Everyone is seated in a circle on chairs except for one person, who will stand in the middle of the circle. The person in the middle (Person 1) will go up to someone seated in the circle and ask "Do you love your neighbor?" The person sitting down (Person 2) can respond by saying yes or no. If they say no, the people seated on either side of Person 2 will switch spots and Person 1 will try to get a spot to sit down on. However, if Person 2 says yes, they have to say "yes, but I don't like people who..." and then describe a quality. Then everyone who that quality describes will stand up and try to find another spot, and Person 1 will also try to sit down. If Person 1 succeeds, then another person will be left in the center and they will ask the question to someone, so the cycle goes on.
Honey, do you love me?
For this game, you will make a circle around one person, the person in the middle will go around and ask someone in the circle: "Honey, if you love me will you please, please smile." If they laugh or smile, they are in the middle. If the don't smile and say "Honey, I love you, but I just can't smile", the person in the middle will continue to ask this until someone else is in the middle. The point of the game is to stay out of the middle.
Justin T.
Jackson Mc.

Justin R.
Jackson K.
Get to know you Skittlezzz®
You start by getting a packet of skittles
Then you will walk around and find a partner and take out one skittle, look at the color and then answer the question.
Red-Do you have siblings? Tell me about them.
Purple-Do you have any pets? Tell me about them.
Orange-What is your favorite ____?
Yellow-What is your favorite subject and why?
Green-Random question?
In this fun activity you will have to challenge your brain to see if you know your friends
Everyone will get a note card and write 3 truths that nobody knows about you. Then I will read them outloud and you wll have to guess who it is.
*write your name on the card so if you forget we will know
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