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Tree Diagrams


Destyne'i Tiller

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Tree Diagrams

A tree diagram is a diagram that shows ALL possible outcomes of multiple events Try this one by yourself! Building your tree diagram. Example 2 Tree Diagrams Example 1 1. List all of the possible choices first.

2. Branch off from the possible choices with more possible choices.

3. Branches are determined by the number of combinations you will have.

I know this makes NO sense right now but it will! John flips a penny 3 times. Use a tree diagram to show the possible outcomes John will have. How many possible meals
are there at the Real Meal? How many choices are there if a customer wants the following:
a. A soft drink, sandwich and fries? Display the choices with a
tree diagram.

b. A sandwich, fries and milk? Display the choices with a
tree diagram.

c. A salad with dressing and tea? Display the choices with a
tree diagram.

d. A sandwich, salad with dressing, and coffee? Display the choices
with a tree diagram.
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