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Who am I?

All about me!

Sonya Barchugova

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Who am I?

Learn about me! Who Am I? Words that describe Me! Adventurous 3 things I like about me!!!!!!!! I'm a good swimmer and I work towards the goals that I set for myself 10 things I want to do before I kick the bucket! 1. Go to Hawaii and swim in a coral reef! Quiet Impatient 6. When I'm 16 get a car and go on a road trip across the country :) 4. Buy a beach house 2. Go Scuba diving! 5. Throw a party and invite all the friends I've ever made in my life (the ones I can find!) Where I'll be in 10 years! In 10 years I will be in college living on the coast! I will have an apartment, a yellow bug (the car), and I will travel as often as I can! I will be working towards becoming a doctor and doing everything on my bucket list! Lucky Responsible Bright 3. Meet a famous person and get my picture taken with them Peaceful I can be really loud and laughy but I can also be really quiet when I want to be. 8. Go back and visit all my old teachers 7. Go water skiing! 9. Take my sisters swimming with the dolphins 10. Visit at least 5 foreign countries! Qualities in a friend! They have to be positive (even though I'm not always) and bright They have to be funny/ have to have a sense of humor They have to be nice 5 things I like about my family Where would I move? Special Abilities Skills I want to get better at: Cooking Art Surfing If I had to move I would move to Florida! I love the ocean, the beach, and the warmth! I am a good swimmer and my parents say I make the best snicker doodles! We travel a lot! We cook together! They are always loving and caring! I have accomplished many things in my life The End!
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