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Copy of KPMG Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification Program at IIT

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Cathy W

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Copy of KPMG Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification Program at IIT

KPMG Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification Program at
IIT Guwahati

On 23-26 jan. 2015
KPMG, one of the "Big 4", we bring to you the world-renowned Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification Program at IIT Guwahati campus itself! The program will be of 32 contact hours, spread over 4 days, and will be delivered by highly experienced KPMG Trainers. This is an international professional training and certification program, and is conducted uniformly in 147 countries by KPMG.
? is
Program details
The cost for the 4-day program is a highly subsidized Rs. 7500, down from the actual cost of Rs. 22,472 (Rs. 20,000 + service tax) for industry professionals.
These are all senior Black Belts and Master Black Belts from KPMG. They are full time employees of KPMG and participate in consulting assignments as well.
About The Trainers
The program is a 4-day international offering from KPMG. It is very well recognized across 147 countries where the firm operates at. The course is a standard offering and is conducted the same everywhere. It is called Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification program. It’s a professional certification course.
Program Benefits
Course enables participant for depth Root Cause Analysis and elimination of cause, that is throughout useful in further career, be it any domain or industry
The methodology orients to fact based decision making, team management, inter group coordination and communication, logical reasoning thus helps in capability building for better managers.
It provides orientation to business analytic via depth coverage on use of data and how to draw inferences
Students get definite advantage in job seeking as the course enables fact based business decision making
Global benchmark is a clear differentiators to opt in career building
Engineers have been since history using Six Sigma for precision manufacturing and service quality. Big organizations such as Motorola, GE, Dupont, Suzuki, Honda, Toyota, Fiat, TATA, Mersk, British Telecom, Airtel, British Airways, Taj Group, Indigo Airlines, many steel, many cement and construction and more uses Six Sigma since past and as tradition. These companies have successfully embraced the concept and ripe benefits out of it.
The methodology orients to fact based decision making, team management, inter group coordination and communication, logical reasoning thus helps in capability building for better managers
it enables individual to make fact based business decisions. Number concepts are used to advantage that they help in fact based decision rather than making perception based decisions.
It may also happen that after doing the course, the corporate you land up to… might have undergone same program with us already. Thus advantage is of quick handshake.
KPMG Advantage
The course is only offering that is recognized across 147 countries of the world where KPMG operate from
All examples, cases discussed are live experiences of instructors, while they would have dealt with situation in consulting assignments. Thus is no virtual examples quoted. It’s all real in terms “this was the situation”.. “this is how it was solved”
We don’t dive in statistics or formulas… it’s all about making business sense of statistics.. so given a number in front of you, what business decision has to be derived is what the course will focus on.
-> Everyone wants to learn, not just certification.
-> certification exam so that everyone can take training program seriously.
-> Multiple choice question with no -ve marks
-> This program includes certificate and training both. the way it has been kept in KPMG is thus simple… We train you, evaluate you and basis evaluation those who score 65% passing gets the certificate. It’s the way KPMG awards it and is Green Belt Certificate from us…
Certification exam after Training
KPMG –Some of Six Sigma Advisory Clients
Full Scale Implementation
•Software Paradigms, Mysore
•L&T Infotech, Mumbai
•HindujaTMT, Bangalore
•Danaher Motions Ltd, Mumbai
•Phoenix Global Solutions, Bangalore
(Recently acquired by TCS)
•MindaIndustries, Delhi
•VXL Instruments, Faridabad
•KanoriaSugar and General Manufacturing
•KG Denim, Coimbatore
•Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
(Largest Telecom Service provider in India.)
Green Belt / Black Belt Training and Project Support
•MudraFashion Lifestyle
•ITC Infotech
•Sap Labs
•MarutiUdyogLtd, Gurgaon
•HCL Technologies, Noida
•Standard Chartered Bank
•Gillette India
•Hutchison EssarTelecom

•Denso India
•Hutchison India
•Hewlett Packard Global Delivery Centre
•Sun Microsystems
•Jet Air
•Hero Motors
•Global RespondezIndia
•EID Parry India Ltd
•EXL Services, Noida
Green Belt Training at Institutes
Crist College
SIOM ...

The course material is well structured & with proper guidance with well suited examples from all fields( manufacturing, software solutions, ITES etc.). Therefore a practical scenario was established during the course…it helped me in interview a lot since questions were asked about several quality & statistical tools & there significances…
-Prashant Pareek, MBA Student, Symbiosis Nasik
Hi Nitesh,
The six sigma program with KPMG has helped me improve my understanding on the concepts of Process Improvement to a great length.
Also, at my organization we have taken the initiative to train people and create a forum that is trying to adapt the Six Sigma principles as per our organization process and policies…
-Priyanka Grover, Six Sigma Public Program Participant, Mumbai
The training in 6 Sigma methodologyhelped me plan very efficiently, a project currently on in my organization. The project is expected to helpmy organization immensly. Thetrainingchanged the way Ilooked atsuch projects andIbelieveour teamhas achieved much more than what it would have without six sigma methodology…
-Girish Raja, Six Sigma Public Program Participant, Pune
Thanks for your guidance and support..training was really meaningful and fruitful for my career perspective. I have implemented the methodology in few of my company projects and achieved the unexpected results.
One of my projects was… At the end of the projects we were able to save plenty of time in entire cycle
-Alok Tripathy, Six Sigma Participant, Delhi
I had attended the Six Sigma -Green Belt session in November 2007 and my overall learning experience has been very fruitful. The methodology (across industry examples) used to deliver the session has helped me to re-align my thought process and that has clearly reflected in the quality of my work... I was able to drive many process re-engineering project which have lead to dollar and manpower saves. Also now I am actively involved in global projects.
-Ketan B Kurani, Six Sigma Public Program Participant
What problem needs to be solved?
What is the capability of the process?
-> When and where do
defects occur?
-> Will go to root cause of the problem, not only to symptoms of that.

-> How can process capability
be Six Sigma?
-> What are the vital factors?
-> Will use our creativity to
reduce/remove the decfet.
What control can be put in
place to sustain the gain?
Six Sigma seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects (errors) and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes.
It uses a set of quality management methods, including statistical methods. A six sigma process is one in which 99.99966% of the products manufactured are statistically expected to be free of defects (3.4 defective parts/million)
Employees can be trained through six sigma in green belt , black belt and master black belt method.

Each six sigma project carried out with in an organization follows a defined sequence of steps & has quantified financial targets cost reduction and/or profit increase.
Main purpose of six sigma to increase the profit & making the customer happy. and that is main motive to every company too.
-> To quality control and Zero defect.
-> Exciting management strategy

1. Reduce Variation
Variation is the enemy of quality. Because you are not sure about, what is the quality of your next output.

2. Reducing defects
reduce number of wrong items produced.
production and service company mainly uses this.

3. Improving predictability

4. Reduced time, complexity and number of steps in process of outputs.

This Methodology used for
Lean -> invented by Toyota
to reduce time, complexity and number of steps of process outputs.

Six Sigma -> Invented by Motorola
to reduce/eliminate defects and deviation in production and transaction.
Lean + Six Sigma = Lean Six Sigma
It generally follows 3D methods.
It makes the process outputs
Faster, Better and Cheaper
By eliminating above terms.
This is the first time that such a renowned management training program is being conducted in IIT Guwahati, and all those students who aspire to pursue management and business analytic jobs or studies will definitely gain a competitive edge by earning this certificate, apart from gaining valuable exposure
and insights.
=>Due to National Skilled development Program launched by Govt. of India.
=> KPMG and Govt. has associated for spreading this program to youth for increasing the productivity
Due to Commitment of govt. KPMG is moving in institution to offer this program.
Made By :-
Sunny Kumar
picture courtesy - www.pharmamirror.com
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