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1.3.1 by:

No description

DesiRee Davis

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of 1.3.1 by:

Chronic middle ear infections, due to a short and narrow Eustachian tube in his right ear. The last two resulted in a perforated eardrum with pus-like drainage.
Ear Structures Affected
Mastoid bone
facial nerve (if not treated it could lead to facial paralysis.)
Case File 2
Patient Two is a six-year-old male. He has been experiencing chronic middle ear infections (also known as chronic otitis media) since he was six months old. Because he has a very narrow, short Eustachian tube in his right ear, he is susceptible to bacterial infections. He has had ear tube surgery twice, where a small tube was placed in the eardrum to ventilate the area behind the eardrum, keep the pressure equalized and reduce infection. This surgery had little success. The last two ear infections resulted in a perforated eardrum with a pus-like drainage from his ear. Lately, his teacher informed his parents that his performance in school has declined, and suggested he be tested for hearing loss. An audiologist found that he has mild to moderate conductive hearing loss in his right ear.
Ben Braun
If not treated, patient 2 may not be able to hear sounds below 40 decibels in sound level in his right ear.
13. Use reliable Internet sources to research the cause, the ear structures affected, as well as the prognosis for your assigned patient’s hearing loss. Take notes in your laboratory journal.
DesiRee Davis
Patient 2 by:
If not treated the patient could suffer from:
Drainage from a whole in the eardrum.
Facial paralysis
inflammation around the brain
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