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"The Third Eye" By: Lois Duncan

"The Third Eye" is about a young girl named Karen Connors, who is gifted with the third eye. This means that she is able to see people (mostly children) who are missing.

Mike Galivo

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of "The Third Eye" By: Lois Duncan

"The Third Eye" By: Lois Duncan
Characters (Part One)
Karen Connors: The main protagonist of the novel,she is able to see children that are missing. She is described to have blonde hair and is 18 years old

Robert Wilson: Another protagonist in the novel, he is assumed to be in his early to mid 20's, has

The theme in "The Third Eye" is a mix between coming of age and journey/quest. I think this book is coming of age because after Karen found out that Carla (the daughter of a client) drowned, she decided to stop using her third eye. She later put these feelings aside in order to help someone who she really cares about. This is also a journey/quest book because Karen went on many trips to different places to help other people find their children. Some of these missions were described to be fairly easy, while others were described as the hardest thing that she has ever done.
Characters (Part Two)
Mrs. Connors:Is the Karen's mother in the book. She is described to be in her 40's and looks like an older version of Karen. She is round and dynamic. She is round because she shows that she cares more about what people think than the well being of her daughter, but she is a really caring and nice person.

Betty Smith: The main antagonist of the novel. She is described to have natural red hair that she dyes blonde. She is flat and static. She is flat because she comes off as a regular, run of the mill antagonist that wants to ruin the main character's life.
About the author
Lois Duncan is a famous American author. She is most famous for her suspense/thriller books such as "I know what you did last Summer"(later turned into a movie of the same title). She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and currently resides in Sarasota, Florida.
This book is about a girl named Karen who is able to see people (mostly children) that are missing.

In the beginning of the book, Karen discovers that she has the ability to track down children.

She tries her best to use this gift as wisely as she can so that she does not over-do it.

While using this gift, Karen finds new love, changes a life and discovers something absolutely horrifying.

Read the book to find out who, who and what.
This novel is set in Albuquerque New Mexico. Karen is said to live in a "suburb" type neighborhood. The setting, overall gives the story a eerie, and mysterious feeling to it.This is mainly caused by the many references to all the forests around her area.
More books by Lois Duncan
"I Know What you did Last Summer
Hotel for Dogs
Don't look Behind you
And many more!
I gave this novel 4 out of a possible 5 stars. This novel kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it. Although some parts seemed cheesy, this book is a solid read. I recommend this to anyone who likes the suspence genre.
I think that the symbol in "The Third Eye" is Rob's blue eyes. I think that Rob's eyes represent safety this is because Karen is always kept away from harm when he is with her and whenever she is not with him, she feels even more scared and the only thing that helps her get through it is thinking about his eyes.
Symbol in the novel
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