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Drupal for school websites

Using the open source content management system Drupal for a school website. A case study and blah blah blah

Lloyd Sommerer

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Drupal for school websites

Drupal for School Websites What is Drupal?
A Content Management System A Web Application Framework A Community If Drupal is all that...
...Why haven't I heard of it? Who's Using Drupal? Who's Using Drupal in Education? Oh yeah? What about around here? Why did we choose Drupal? 3 basic CMS requirements 3 general principals Good
Calendar Robust
Taxonimy Usable
Permissions Flexability Community Price Drupal is NOT Why would you not choose Drupal? If you have more money than time. Drupal's Learning curve is steep. Flexibility Ease of Use Drupal Joomla WordPress Module Philosophy Monolithic Modular vs Can I get some help with that?

1) paid support
2) online support
3) books
4) videos
5) training (voted most boring slide at NETA)
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