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Duke Ellington Prezi

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Elaundra Garner

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Duke Ellington Prezi

TIMELINE Duke's full name is Edward "Duke" Kennedy Ellington. By Elaundra Garner
6th period Duke Ellington Ron Frankl Duke Ellington was born on April 29,1899 in Washington, D.C. Duke E. died on May 24, 1974 in New York City. l l l l __________________________________________ l l l l April 29,1899: Duke was born. 1917: Begins his career as a professional pianist. 1918: Duke marries Edna Thompson. 1919: Duke's son Mercer, is born. 1923: Duke moves to New York City for his first regular job with the Washingtonians. 1933: The Washingtonians go on there first European tour. 1940: Duke signs with Victor Recording Studios. May 24, 1974 Duke Ellington dies in New York City. Childhood/ Family Information etc. For most of Duke's childhood he was the
only child until his sister was born when he was 16 years old. His sister's name is Ruth. After Ruth was born, and after Duke's success she spent her teenage years living in his New York home. Duke's father was James Edward Ellington, his friends called him J.E. and he also liked to play the piano. Duke's Mother is Daisy Kennedy Ellington. Daisy and Duke were very close. Some of Duke's hobbies were painting, drawing, and reading. He began his education at Patterson Elementary School were he had plenty of friends his own age. Duke was born on April 29, 1899, in Washington D.C. Since Duke was the only child for 16 years he was pampered and spoiled by relatives. The book I found all my information in. Adult Life Information Career Information Duke was a very famous African American jazz musician. When he was 28-years-old he was a bandleader and a composer. His group was known as Duke Ellington and the Washingtonians. Family Information In 1918 Duke married Edna Thompson. Edna studied music and played the piano while growing up in Washington D.C. Edna supposedly tutored Duke on the piano and in music theory when they were still in high school. In 1919 his son Mercer was born. Other Information Mildred Dixon was Duke's constant companion for ten decades after he separated with Edna. In 1938 Duke met Beatrice Ellis, Duke remained the rest of his life with her. Achievements In 1943, Duke had played his first concert in Carnegie Hall. In 1969 Duke receives the Medal of Freedom. In 1968 he was given two Grammy Awards. Duke is important for being a very famous African American jazz musician. I admire this person because he helped set the stage for African American singers. Quote
"I was pampered and pampered, and spoiled rotten by all the women in the family. . . but mother never took her eyes off precious little me , her jewel, until I was four years old." THE END!!!!:)
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