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King Khufu

No description

Nikolas Norman

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of King Khufu

King Khufu
King Khufu also known as Cheops, was born to King Snefru and Hetepheres I around 2589 B.C. King Khufu was the second Pharaoh of the fourth dynasty. In this PowerPoint we will be talking about King Khufu's strengths, weaknesses, and how he affected Egyptian life and culture.
King Khufu's Weaknesses continued...
King Khufu's other weakness is his cruelty. His cruelty was a weakness because people may have not liked how he ruled. People might have disobeyed him because they did not like how the people were treated.
How King Khufu affected Egyptian Life.
King Khufu affected Egyptian life by how he ruled. He ruled Egypt in a very strict way. Legend has it that he forced people to work for him.
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King Khufu's Strengths during his reign
King Khufu had one very good strength during his time as ruler. King Khufu was very intelligent and had architectural experience. He built the Great Pyramid of Giza, which is the largest Pyramid in the world, standing at around 400 feet high.
King Khufu's Weaknesses
King Khufu had two weaknesses, his age and cruelty as king. King Khufu was 20 years old when he came to the throne. His age is a weakness because he was not as wise or as experienced as other rulers.
King Khufu Inspiration on Egyptians
When King Khufu made his pyramid, he inspired other egyptians to try and make their own pyramids. These pyramids were definitely not as successful as King Khufu's Great Pyramid at Giza.
Legend has it that King Khufu made people work for him but graffiti on cave walls shows that workers were "friends of Khufu." This made people believe that King Khufu paid the workers for their labor.
Getting to Know King Khufu
Labor King Khufu made people do
How King Khufu affected culture
King Khufu wanted to be a very important part in Egyptian culture. He even tried to make himself the famous sun god Ra.
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